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Fic: Four Secrets Brennan Will Never Tell Booth--and One She Did (4/4)
Beautiful Bones - lerdo
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  Through Santa in the Slush.
Word Count:  2357
Special Thanks to:  tempertemper77.  Thank you for laughing at me, and for helping me brainstorm for this chapter when I felt stuck.  I'm sorry I couldn't work in any belly dancing. ;)  Maybe in another story.
Acknowledgments:  I'm perpetually behind on responding to comments, so until I get temporarily caught up, thank you, witchofthedogs, tempertemper77, a2zmom, mdemvizi, sillysun22, dabhug, lime_mhc, oltha_heri, buffyangellvr23, tidbit2008, alderaan_, saulalovin, justice79, last_archangel, seeaseye, killmotion, torigates, pinktealeaves, erinm_4600, raaby_lilly, pipergirl07, bamax, makd, &  geezbones, for commenting on Part 3.

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Click for other parts.

Oh my gosh, it is so good to be home. I have been in Chicago for the last few days, and thus I have not been caught up with all the fic! This in particular was lovely, a fitting end for a fantastic series. In particular, I like that Brennan doesn't tell all, remaining somewhat elusive in the wake of such intense truth.

(Yawn) That's all I've got for tonight, bed-time calls me.

After reading this, I realize that this is how Booth and Brennan get together. It makes sense, it fits, it flows. now see, if/when they do get together in the show, it won't be as dramatic because of this. :D thanks for writing, it always makes my day!

That was just perfect. I love how you put in details specific to the characters it makes it far more real.

I love how you put in details specific to the characters it makes it far more real.

Thank you. I try my best. :)

Oh that was wonderful.
You've given me another Booth and Brennan fix =]

Glad you like this fic. Thanks for commenting and letting me know that; I appreciate it very much.

I know that I say it and say it but there's not a better BB writer out there. :) Just wonderful. And so realistic. I could see this scene happening as soon as Season4.

What a perfect end to this particular series! :D Quippy, sleepy, adorable Brennan and Booth. Loved it all.

Thanks a lot; knowing you were entertained by this made me smile.

I must say that probably it wasn't easy to write the way Brennan keep her secrets.. and you did it very well :D IMHO!

Loved this last one.. so.. gah!! *sigh*

Loved all the secrets :D

That was great. I really enjoyed this series, it's def. going in the mems ;)

Lovely writing as always. I would ramble some more and what not but its getting late in my neck of the woods and my bed is calling :P

Thanks, A. I'm flattered you liked this enough to add it to your mems. :D

Those first few paragraphs scared me - you made it seem so real!

I think this is my favourite line:

He reaches back, and it isn't nearly as difficult as she imagined it would be.

Lovely, as all your writing is!

Many thanks, Elena. I'm relieved to hear that the first few paras were effective. ;)

Lovely, as all your writing is!

*blushes* You are too kind. Thank you.

Edited at 2008-06-09 02:11 pm (UTC)

aww, I loved the whole story.. from the very beginning <3 Excellent job! :)

I've been saving reading (and reviewing) your extensive list of fic until next week, when I'm on spring break...but I couldn't resist this and I'm glad I gave in ;)

Particularly loved this: If she wants him, she will have to reach for him; she has never been good at reaching. Gorgeous and so true.

Awww, I'm tickled pink that you caved and read this. :)

I'm so pleased you thought that sentence was Brennan-like; it seemed appropriate to me.

Thanks for reading and feeding! :D

Must say I like the first one most. It's composition is so good, and words you used too. Whole story (4 parts) is good, but first part is the best (doh, don't know English good enough to explain it)

Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on this story. :) I'm thrilled you liked it! And your English is just fine.

I just finished reading this series, and it was just what I needed tonight. Sweet and a little bitter, too, and beautifully written.

Oh, I'm thrilled you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me know what you thought of it. :)

This has indeed been a lovely journey. You've got their voices, their actions, their movements, the tensions--physical, emotional, and psychological--as they play out in Brennan's psyche and mind. Excellent read.