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Fic: Four Secrets Brennan Will Never Tell Booth--and One She Did (4/4)
Beautiful Bones - lerdo
Rating:  PG-13
Spoilers:  Through Santa in the Slush.
Word Count:  2357
Special Thanks to:  tempertemper77.  Thank you for laughing at me, and for helping me brainstorm for this chapter when I felt stuck.  I'm sorry I couldn't work in any belly dancing. ;)  Maybe in another story.
Acknowledgments:  I'm perpetually behind on responding to comments, so until I get temporarily caught up, thank you, witchofthedogs, tempertemper77, a2zmom, mdemvizi, sillysun22, dabhug, lime_mhc, oltha_heri, buffyangellvr23, tidbit2008, alderaan_, saulalovin, justice79, last_archangel, seeaseye, killmotion, torigates, pinktealeaves, erinm_4600, raaby_lilly, pipergirl07, bamax, makd, &  geezbones, for commenting on Part 3.

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I love this so much! For some reason, it's really difficult to find good Booth/Brennan fic. Which makes no sense, because how could anyone who has seen even just one episode of the show not ship them? But this is one of those rare, fantastic ones that is perfectly understated and has completely accurate characterization and no nonsense. I'm glad I found it. Keep writing!

Beautiful ending. :) I love the previous chapters too - she kept the black Roxie dress (!), she adores Parker (who doesn't) and now she thinks he's family.

Really lovely story.

Brennan wants it JUST AS MUCH as Booth. Hell yeah.

In my opinion, they need many more a guy hug. <3

Loved this! I'm off to hunt for more...

Is this a real episode?If it is which one is it?

No, it's not a real episode. It's just a story I wrote.