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fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
Unfortunately, there's no new Buffy on tonight, so here I am, posting my first entry. If you haven't guessed it, I'm listening to Fa Fa by Guster. I love them. I only discovered them a couple months ago, and now I'm dying for them to go on tour so I can see them live. I don't know much about the band, so I can't claim to be a true fangirl, but I love every song of theirs I've heard so far. And Fa Fa just makes me so happy. I have this cd I burned with all sorts of random songs that make going to work more bearable, and Fa Fa is one of the songs on that cd. (If by Janet Jackson, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns 'N' Roses, and Desert Rose by Sting are also on that cd. See, I told you the songs were random. Can I help it if I have eclectic tastes?)

Anyway, I was listening to Fa Fa on the walk home from the subway station this afternoon. I was itching to sing out loud, but I didn't want to be the freaky woman with the discman singing to herself like there was no one else around. But I just can't listen to music without wanting to sing along. :)

Now I'm listening to Crazy Life by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I saw them in concert last night, for the first time, I might add. They broke up several years ago, so I feel pretty lucky to have seen them. They have a strong fan base, but they never made it big. I'm shocked more people haven't figured out how good they are. Their lyrics are sensitive and introspective, but not heavy-handed or self-indulgent. The music is wonderful, too. They were really, really good last night, and the crowd was really pumped. Standing in one spot for close to 4.5 hours with various strangers' elbows, purses, and asses (!) poking me is not my idea of a good time, but in this case, it was worth it. There's nothing like live music; the instruments always sound so much clearer and more intense. Toad even played every song I wanted to hear--except for I Will Not Take These Things for Granted. The lyrics are below. The song is very quiet and pretty, and it reminds me of what it was like to be in a long-distance relationship with my now-husband (then-boyfriend). If you're at all curious, fire up your favorite mp3 downloading program and download away.

one part of me just wants to tell you everything
one part just needs the quiet
and if i'm lonely here, i'm lonely here
and on the telephone
you offer reassurance

i will not take these things for granted

how can i hold the part of me that only you can carry
it needs a strength i haven't found
but if it's frightening, i'll bear the cold
and on the telephone
you offer warm asylum

i'm listening
flowers in the garden
laughter in the hall
children in the park
i will not take these things for granted

to crawl inside the wire and feel something near me
to feel this accepting
that it is lonely here, but not alone
and on the telephone
you offer visions dancing

i'm listening
music in the bedroom
laughter in the hall
dive into the ocean
singing by the fire
running through the forest
and standing in the wind
in rolling canyons

i will not take these things for granted

LOL LiveJournal could become addictive...

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Yeah! The code thing worked and here you are! Ohhh. LJ heaven! (It is completely and totally and wonderfully addictive.)

So, sounds like the concert(s) were fun...we don't get much live music here in the Sticks..so I'll have to live my musical life vicariously through you! LOL

And it's snowing today. Blah!

Mal is off to a friends for the whole day (crazy mother of said friend...having five 5-year-olds at her house to tie-dye!) and I think Dad and Con will head out and so, wheeee, free time for me in front of the computer.

Given any thought to my fic question? (Or am I now just a pervert...I should have probably mentioned that before, eh? *g*)

I am so glad to have you here!

Hi, Chris, my favorite pervert. :) Thanks for the welcome message. I can already see how addictive LJ is going to be. I didn't see your email about the B/S/Aus smut till this morning, so I didn't respond till a few minutes ago. But to reiterate, it's sweet that you thought to ask if my delicate sensibilities would be offended by your latest stories, but I can assure you that I'm not easily offended. So go ahead and send me Chapter 5 of Wicked and the smutlet. I'm sure they will both be as fun to read as everything else you've been sending me. Plus I'm positive YOUR smut will be well-written. *wink*

Enjoy your kid-and-husband-free time! Please put it to good use on the computer.

Hi Lerdo!
To paraphrase what you wrote in Jennem's blog...you don't really know me, but I've seen you at the BB. I just wanted to say hi ad welcome to LJ and yes, it is wonderously addictive. When you find yourself prewriting entires in your head you're going to write up later, you'll know you've arrived.


Hi, Leelee. :) Thanks for your welcome message. I was actually browsing your LJ earlier today and laughing at your perverted rowers commentary. Not that I know anything about rowing, but I thought your entry was really funny.

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