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Claim table
B/B Consume me - lerdo
This is my second drabble123 claim table for Bones, and it is now complete.  The first one, which is also complete, is here.

1.Skin 2.Breathe 3.Bite 4.Masturbation 5.Burn
6.Shiver 7.Boundaries 8.Tongue 9.Restraint 10.Swallow
11.Vanilla 12.Dirty 13.Obey 14.Delicious 15.Want
16.Anonymous 17.Scratch 18.Whore 19.Greedy 20.Writer's choice

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just found this now and i read the entire table... this is definitely fan fiction at its best, congratulations! :)

Thanks very much for your kind words. :) I'm glad you enjoyed Into the Fire.

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