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Ficlet: Fire (#1)
B/B Consume me - lerdo
Title: Fire (#1)
Pairing:  Booth/Brennan
Series:  Into the Fire
Prompt Table: Sex
Written for: drabble123
Prompt:  #5 (Burn)
Rating:  M
Word Count:  300
Spoilers:  None
Series Summary:  This is a series of oneshot 300-word ficlets about Booth and Brennan crossing the line over and over again.
Warning:  If you prefer not to read about fictional people engaging in sexual activity, don't read this. 
Feedback: is always appreciated. If criticizing, please be constructive.
Disclaimer:  Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me.  This story is purely meant to entertain.  No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N:  Even though I need another challenge like I need another hole in the head, I can't seem to resist them.  So, for this one, we have a table of twenty prompts linked above.  I've chosen 300 words, so everything I write for this challenge has to be 300 words long.  It will be interesting to see if I can consistently fit characterization and a little bit of heat into 300 words.  Who knows?  Maybe I can't.

I have no problem posting works-in-progress.  Maybe someday I'll only work on and post one thing at a time; that day is not today.  So if you don't like it when people juggle fics, please don't read my stories.  That preference, combined with the way I write, is a guaranteed disaster.  I don't say this to be mean.  I say it to be honest and set expectations properly.

If you have a question, just holler. :)

Click here for fic index.

Without knowing why she was there, Brennan found herself standing outside Booth's apartment.  Again.  This wasn't the first time, and she knew it wouldn't be the last.  She lifted a hand and knocked briskly before she could change her mind and walk away without him even being aware of her presence. 

The door opened with a squeak.  "Bones."  One word, the nickname he'd given her and she'd tacitly accepted without ever consciously intending to do so.  When it came to Booth, she'd done many things she'd never intended to do.  What difference did one (two, three, four) more make?  Surprised eyes met hers and she faltered, at a loss for words. 

Booth's mouth shifted into a smirk at her silence; she took advantage of the moment to step inside and slam the door shut behind her.  Before he had a chance to react, she caught his face in one hand and pulled it down to hers.  He didn't push her away. 

Their mouths joined in a kiss that was part fury, part passion, and all need.  Her breath sounded harsh in her ears.  She burned for him--there was no point in pretending otherwise, she thought, as she slipped her other hand under the mellow cotton of his t-shirt and sank her fingers into the warm flesh of his back.  Then down, further down, and she made a frustrated sound as she tugged him closer, feeling his erection rub against her--but not where she wanted him. 

Booth pulled away, his breath ragged.  "Want me?" he asked.

Denial was futile.  As soon as he slid his hand beneath her underwear, he would find the evidence.  The sooner she told him the truth, the sooner she would find relief.  "Yes," she said, squeezing her legs together against a growing ache.

"Then come here."

Wonderfully written
Then come here
That sounds hot and sweet. I better go read the other drabbles of this series.

Thank you much, Foxy. Unfortunately, this is the first ficlet in this series. I'm about to post the next one, though. :)

May I just say I have ZERO problem with you starting another series/challenge/etc ;D

*fans self and wanders off to add to mems*

LOL I love your enthusiasm; it makes me happy. ;)

Glad you enjoyed, my dear. Thank you for letting me know that.

(Deleted comment)
*g* Thanks, Sam. Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve. ;)

I do believe I'm going to have another favorite drabble series..

Awww... *blows you kisses* Thank you!

Gah... buh... *swoons*


I'll gladly accept swooning episodes. :) Thank you, as always, for reading and feeding.

Edited at 2008-03-20 06:27 pm (UTC)

A new fun/sexy challenege. I am in favor! Aye!

Holy crap, but that was hot!

[runs to re-read.]

[returns to post.]

Still hot!

lol we all need cold showers *g* This is about as adult as I go most of the time but it's fun when there's so much hotness without any truly dirty scenes per se...just mild naughty lol

*g* Yes, in this one at least, it's implied more than stated outright.

Thanks for reading!

I love how you juggle fics. It's good for people like me who a)have a short attention span and b)get bored easily.

Your stuff is so compact that I can get in, get my B&B fix and get out. No wasted time or angst.

I'm glad these work for you. I know this style of posting irritates some people.

*fans herself*

Just what I needed after getting up at 6 and running everywhere non-stop until now (just so you know it's 3 in the afternoon and I'm finally done *wipes forehead and sits back comfortably*)

Um, yeah. Brennan & Booth getting it on. Rrrowr.

Loved the stuff you wrote for the romance table and I can seem I'm going to like these just as much.

btw - don't care how you post stuff, so long as you do :)

Drabbles... love them.

Hotness... love it.

As always I'm glad to read your B&B.

Geezy geezy geeeeeez!!!! My god! That was so.. hot! :D

Wow! Another sizzler. Aside from the obvious, I loved these lines: "When it came to Booth, she'd done many things she'd never intended to do. What difference did one (two, three, four) more make?"
And how true that is...