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Ficlet: When I Think About You (#4)
B/B Mirror Mirror on the Wall - lerdo
Title: When I Think About You
Into the Fire
Series Summary:  This is a series of oneshot 300-word ficlets about Booth and Brennan crossing the line over and over again.
#11 (Vanilla)
Prompt Table: Sex
Written for:  drabble123
Rating: M
Spoilers:  Through Season 2
Feedback: is always appreciated. If criticizing, please be constructive.
Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Booth swiveled on his stool to watch Angela's unsteady approach. "Sweetie, I love you. Have I told you that lately?" Angela threw an arm around Brennan's shoulders, bouncing up and down on her toes, and her drink wobbled in her free hand.

"Only five times in the past ten minutes," Brennan replied, flashing her an amused look.

"You've got it all, honey," Angela continued."Brains, booty--"


"It's true. Bren, you are smoking." Angela glanced at him, grinning. "Isn't she, Booth?"

Booth took another swig of his beer. Leaning back, he propped an elbow on the bar and let his gaze drift from Brennan's eyes to her chest and back again, pretending to consider Angela's question. "She's right, Bones," he finally said, and her eyes narrowed. "You are pretty hot."

He winked, watching her frown. No doubt he'd pay for teasing her, but he loved keeping her off-balance.

"You two are so flirty," Angela said, wiggling her fingers. "I love it. Now excuse me; I have to make out with my fiancé."

Shaking his head, Booth turned away. Someone tapped his shoulder.

"I'm not wearing any underwear," Brennan said, breath whispering against his ear.

So she'd gotten her payback sooner than expected. Overachiever.

Brennan's hand lifted. Booth caught her wrist before she could move, tugging her to stand between his legs. "Do something for me," he said, keeping his voice low.


"Go into the bathroom and touch yourself."

She inhaled sharply, eyes widening.

"But stop before you come."


"Do it."

Brennan returned, cheeks noticeably flushed. "Everything OK?" Booth asked.

"Of course."

"Then let's go. We're all gonna grab dinner at this new Mexican place." He led her out, one hand at her back, following behind the squints.

It'd be hours before they got home, he thought, smiling.

Author Note: So I'd said I wasn't sure if I could keep these to 300 words and still have them be decent. Since I signed up for the challenge, I'll keep trying for 300 words. But maybe later I'll write more fleshed out (ha ha) versions of these. ;)

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What sweet torture. It'd be hard to balk at an order like that! I'd expect there to be some form of payback - and yes, though these 300 words are divine as they stand, a "fleshed out" (I'm totally snickering) version would be fantastic.

(Deleted comment)
I would pay huge amounts of money to hear Brennan tell Booth she isn't wearing any underwear.

Me, too. Me, too. Let us start a fund.

Here's the thing: I think Bones would say that to Booth. She is fearless!

*snickers evilly* I'm glad you're writing the naughty stuff again.

Oh, look. Words from lerdo. Good. I feel better.

Thank you.

Poor Brennan, the teaser became the teased. This Booth man is so smart!


So pleased you decided to continue with this series of prompts. And I think it's a great idea to go back and flesh them out later - looking forward to the longer versions no end ;)

I don't comment nearly as much as I should, but your stories are fantastic. I thought I'd added you as a friend, but apparently not - I SHALL DO THIS NOW.

You are quite definitely my favorite Bones writer of all. ^__^

God! *Imagining commanding Booth* ... 'Yes Sir!'

This was wicked :)

lol they just love teasing each other.

i think you're doing pretty good with these and sticking to the 300 word limit!

can't wait to see the 'fleshed' out versions. haha. :)

I love this table, challenge or whatever. Yes, I'm a pervert, I know it ;)
Therefore, if you write longer versions of these I will die of happiness. But if you don't write other versions I will be happy with the rest of the table. Anyway I win Bwhahahaha


Geez.. 300 words of sex and ... we need B&B sex scene.. like the ones you write xD :D

This totally reminded me of the Blondie song!

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh I don't want anybody else...

Great portrayal of BxB. I'm eagerly awaiting more of your work. :D

Uhhuh. Wow.
*waves hand enthusiastically*
I'm all for longer versions of these.

OMG again. How do you keep topping yourself? I thought I'd melt after the last one, but this one's even hotter, and without any sex at all. Da*n. *Insert mental picture of the Wicked Witch going "I'm melting. I'm melllting..."*
And he told her to, and she did it...unhhh...Wow.

Reading 4 in a row ..I need some air! LOL
Thanks Lerdo ;)

Oh, this is delightful!

I love the way you wrote sexy, but without actual sex: wonderfully hot!

And the last line? such a smile I have, now.... (Wow! That was a pure Pennsylvania Dutch sentence....:-)

Love this series, they're definitely keeping each other on their toes...

Do you mind if I friend you? I have to keep up on your awesome work...

Thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying this.

And no, I don't mind if you friend me. :)

Oooh... so cruel!

Yet so nice for us readers :D

I hope she ties him down and brings him close several times, only to stop just short! Of course, that only means once she gives it to him, he'll be in for the best of his life.... *sigh* How to punish him?

Good stuff, hon. Love drunk Angela, too.

that was mean of booth to do that...LOL!!!

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