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a love note to you all (that includes the lurkers)

There are changes afoot here at LiveJournal, and I haven't been an (active) member long enough to understand all the possible ramifications.   But I like it here.  A lot.  I post fanfic and fanart here, and people read it, view it, and sometimes comment on it.  I rant here sometimes because hey, I'm human.  I drool over David Boreanaz, and instead of kindly tolerating it like my husband does, you often bring your own bib and drool along with me.  I ask weird and not-so-weird questions -- and people answer.

You listen.  You read.  You share.  Sometimes you lurk.  Hell, sometimes I lurk. 

Some of you are decades older than me.  Some of you make me feel like an "old bat," to borrow a term from lostakasha.   *g*   Some of you are in the same state as me, while others are across the ocean.

I love you all.  *smooches you all over*   

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