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a love note to you all (that includes the lurkers)
There are changes afoot here at LiveJournal, and I haven't been an (active) member long enough to understand all the possible ramifications.   But I like it here.  A lot.  I post fanfic and fanart here, and people read it, view it, and sometimes comment on it.  I rant here sometimes because hey, I'm human.  I drool over David Boreanaz, and instead of kindly tolerating it like my husband does, you often bring your own bib and drool along with me.  I ask weird and not-so-weird questions -- and people answer.

You listen.  You read.  You share.  Sometimes you lurk.  Hell, sometimes I lurk. 

Some of you are decades older than me.  Some of you make me feel like an "old bat," to borrow a term from lostakasha.   *g*   Some of you are in the same state as me, while others are across the ocean.

I love you all.  *smooches you all over*   


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Aw. Love ya, too, dear. I like it here, too. And I like it here a lot more because of you and your words.

Just noticed the new banner. Good Lord, that is a pretty man.

Right back at ya babe *smooches you*

What a lovely thing to post *happy sigh*

I too love it here. I value this place and its peoples immensely. I wish I understood more about the changes afoot too.

As for drooling over David Boreanaz, consider me a fully paid up member of the clutching a bib club ;)

The banners are drool-worthy, the archive never gets old, and every Wednesday I have a number of reasons to smile. Thanks for giving us all a place to converge.

The changes scare me. But I luff you so that makes it all okay. ;)

Whatever comes of all the changes, I'll always be glad for all the friends I've made here, and I count you among them.

*hugs* I'm glad to know you.

I dunno what all these changes to LJ mean either, but I'm not gonna worry about it, so you shouldn't either. :)

It's funny - I started my LJ because I was turning 30, and I thought it might be a good place to document that year, and everyone and their dog who was involved in the Harry Potter fandom had a journal, and I guess I just wanted to be one of the cool kids, ya know? Then I got in to Doctor Who, which led me to Torchwood, and I rediscovered Bones, and wow, my little virtual world gets bigger every day! To that, I say Hooray! - one can never have too many friends, virtual or otherwise.

What are all the changes anyway? I feel like I can never keep up. And I sometimes wonder where my fannish heart would go if not for lj and the fanfic/fanart/fanmixes/fan--you get it, no need to continue.

You are *teh cuteness* for this note, period. ;)


Awwwwwwwwwwww, love ya too hun! :huggles: And just wanted to say that LJ would not be the same without you my dear. <3

And, um, are you trying to kill me with your header?! That's one of the hottest things ever! :swoon: lol. :D

much love back to ya! your writing never fails to bring a smiles to my face when i see something new!

Lots of love -and many thanks- back to you from one of the lurkers who loves to visit your lj often and who passionately reads whatever you write.

*smooches you right back*

Good Lord!!! on all fronts!! I am off air for a fortnight and all sorts happens. I can't even see my own entries in case they are unsuitable for a 14 year old. My userinfo says I'm PG. Any way. Love the new header; love you; now to try to catch up.

Awwww! That is so sweet! *huggles you and then gifts a DB lollipop* :D

Awww, thanks! Right back at ya!

Changes? What on the who-haw, now? If they take this away from me, the only thing I'll have left is a hubby who politely pats my head and says 'there there, you'll be normal one day'...

*grabs the Thursday bib and stares at new header*

that's so sweet!



aww... I always look forward to your posts.. esp random posts.. they my fave!

First of all: the BANNER made of hotness! lol

And then: aww, your post is so sweet! Isn't the Internet just great? *well not always though*

Gros bisous de France (hey, I had to tell something original, so why not in my native tongue? ;P)

**smooches back**

I've come to love it here as well, and I have you to thank for my introduction. Fingers crossed that we don't lose this common thread that is weaving us all together.

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