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Writing Meme

*waves to tidbit2008*

So you tagged me for this meme a while ago. 

1. How about a brief introduction?

I'm 30 and a woman.  I love words and stories, and I desperately want to be a good writer.  If there's anything I'm meant to do, it's to write.   Anything else you want to know, just ask. 

2. What got you into fanfiction (and/or adopting muses)?

Let's see...  I'm not positive, but I think I first wrote a few Jason/Brenda (of General Hospital) fics.   Then I wrote a little Jason/Elizabeth.   In terms of reading fanfic, if I remember correctly, I started out in General Hospital and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3. What kind of fanfiction do you write?

Oh, hell.  Not sure how to characterize my writing.  Well, it's generally pretty relationship-focused.  That's fairly obvious.  *g*  Most or possibly all of it is written in third person point of view.  In terms of tense, I favor past and present.  A lot of my writing captures little moments or delves into the psychology of a character.  Till now I wouldn't say I've done much that's heavily plotted or action-oriented.

4. Do you write for the same pairings/characters?

Generally, yes.  At the moment, I write Booth/Brennan.  As mentioned above, I've also written a bit of Jason/Brenda and Jason/Elizabeth.  I'm tempted to dip my toes in Buffy/Angel, but I won't do it until I'm completely caught up on Angel.  Possibly not even then, as I find the idea of writing them more than a little scary. 

5. What is your most popular fic and why do you think people like it so?

It's tough for me to know what is my most popular fic.  But if I just go off how many story alerts there are at, it looks like Unwell wins.  Who knows if/why people like it?  If they do, I guess it's because it's a fairly straightforward and linear story, and maybe people like the idea of Booth looking after a slightly-more-vulnerable-than-usual Brennan.  Of course, I'm speculating.  Wildly.

6. Forget other people, what is the fanfic you've written that you're most proud of?

Come Undone.  It's not finished, but it's still the one of which I'm most proud.  I dig Lost and Found , too -- because it was the first time I tried present tense, and because it turned into something I didn't know it would be.

7. Do you find writing easy? Hard? What aspects do you struggle with?

Writing is hard for me, but I adore it.   I struggle with procrastination.  *g*  I struggle with getting the right balance between dialogue and narrative.  Sometimes I worry that my sentences aren't varied enough.

8. Write a few sentences of your favorite pairing or character.

Sometimes when they're driving to a crime scene, or Booth is hovering over her shoulder at the lab, Brennan smiles, and it's warm and open and unguarded.  Kinda like Parker's smile.  And in the same way that Parker reminds him that there's hope and goodness in the world, so does Brennan. 

Life has pushed them around, but they've pushed back.  They're both a little battered, a little worn around the edges.  But when Booth gets tired of thinking about that long list of names, his eyes wander to her:  without saying a word, she tells him there's always a chance for redemption. 

9. Are there any fan fiction trends/clichés you hate?

Brennan getting pregnant the first time she and Booth have sex.  *shudders*  For the love of all that's holy, no.

Brennan as a robot who is constantly saying, "I don't know what that means."   She's a human being, damn it. 

Overloading a story with details.  A story isn't the same thing as an essay or a paper in a scientific journal.  In my mind, one well-chosen detail that reflects a given character or mood is better than fifty random ones. 

Characters reflecting on their own toned physiques or silky hair.  *g*   Usually this isn't what the author intended; it's just shaky point of view. 

10. Are you guilty of any of the trends you hate?

Hopefully not, but I suppose it takes one to know one.  ;)

11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you still write for it?

General Hospital.  No, I don't currently write GH fic.  I don't watch the show anymore.  But never say never.

12. Name your OTPs and explain what it is about them you love to write.

Buffy/Angel:  I haven't written them yet.   Well, maybe a little.  *g*  But nothing I'm willing to show anyone at this point.

Brennan/Booth:  I love to write moments or stories that show how deep their understanding of each other runs.  I believe they get each other in ways no one else does, and beneath their surface differences, they are very similar.  Also, as much as I love Bones, I don't think they let us see enough of Booth's darkness.  So I delve into it a bit in some of my writing.  He's human, just like Brennan.  He has doubts and problems and fears; often, they just turn him into a clownish figure, and I think that does that character and the show a huge disservice.  Yes, I know it's not my show, and Booth and Brennan aren't my characters.

The science in Bones is interesting, but that's not the primary reason I watch.  The character dynamics are what make me love the show.  That's just how I'm wired.

13. What would you call your writing style?

LMAO  I'm horrible at this.  Uh, spastic? 

14. Do you read other people's fanfiction? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?

Yes, sometimes I do.  Not reading a ton of fic at the moment because I'm reading books.  Generally, I'll read fic for Bones, Buffy, Angel, and a smattering of 30 Rock

15. Name one thing you'd love to write but have been too afraid or too shy to do.

*cracks knuckles*  I'm dying to write a case!fic or thriller -- something long, plotty, and twisted.  But I don't know if I have the chops to do it.  Plus it's likely I'd need to do a LOT of research -- some of which I'm not even sure how to do -- and outlining upfront. 

On top of that, it would probably be useful to have it read by a beta, and for various reasons, I have never used one.  (I have done beta reading for other people.)  The word gets tossed around a lot, but not everyone means the same thing when they use it.  People have such different styles and personalities, and they don't all mesh well.  Ideally, the person would understand how it feels to share your writing; it's like slicing open a vein and bleeding for the world to see.  He or she would be knowledgeable, honest, and willing to go toe-to-toe with me, but also accepting of the fact that a writer gets the final say.  She wouldn't try to make my writing into a clone of her writing or someone else's.  I don't know how to find this person, and I don't want to burden anyone.  Ok, I'm so getting sidetracked.  *g* 

17. When you write, is there anything that helps?

Not worrying too much about what other people might think.  Seriously. 

Reminding myself that I'm not writing in order to be profound or original; I'm just trying to tell a story or capture a moment the best way I know how.  There's nothing new under the sun. 

Music helps, too.  Sometimes I set up playlists or just have a single song on repeat in order to help me capture a particular mood or theme.  Sleeping or otherwise letting a story or image percolate works wonders.  I'll get flashes of insight or dialogue at odd moments, and I try to get those down in a file for future chapters or stories.  A lot of that -- the flashes of insight -- appear literally as I'm writing, though.  To this point, I haven't done any super-detailed outlines.  It's possible likely, though, that those would help.  I find the idea a bit stifling. 

Oh, and sometimes emailing a fellow writer helps.  I have done this with tempertemper77, kwizbit, and sillysun22, and it's always fun.

18. What inspires you?

Music, other peoples' writing, my frustrations with a given show or storyline, real life, bits of dialogue that pop into my head, holes in the show, and spoilers.

20. Tag some friends, because they'll hate you for it.

I don't want anyone to hate me, but I know there are other writers on my flist.  If any of them want to do this meme, that's great. :)
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