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Goodbye, Lennie

At its best, Law and Order is eminently watchable, and Det. Lennie Briscoe was one of the best. Jerry Orbach, who played Det. Lennie Briscoe on Law and Order, died on Tuesday. Ridiculous though it may be, given that I didn't actually know the man, I'm sad to hear of his passing. Funny how some characters in books, movies, or tv shows seem as alive as "real" people. Orbach brought Lennie to life on L & O; he will be missed. I haven't been watching the current season, but I was excited to hear that Lennie would be back with a new L & O spin-off next fall. I wonder if they'll air the episodes that have already been filmed...

I also read recently that Chris Noth may be taking over for Vincent D'Onofrio on L & O: Criminal Intent. Apparently D'Onofrio's been having fainting spells, which, if they keep up, may have Mike Logan taking over for him. I confess I don't watch Criminal Intent--because of V.D.'s character. I watched for a few minutes a long time ago, but the weirdness of his character didn't do it for me. But if Noth comes on, the hubby and I are there. Speaking of which, it sounds like he could use the work. After Sex and the City, the last thing I saw him in was the Tooth Fairy, a short film up at :)

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