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Novel: Sweet Surrender (1/1)
Tap That - lerdo
Title:  Sweet Surrender
Rating: PG
Characters: Booth, Brennan
Timeline: Right now, in a galaxy far, far away.
Spoilers: None
Notes:  This is the story of my heart, so please go easy on it with your comments.

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And then Seeley Booth f*cked Temperance Brennan against the nearest wall with his swollen member -- as he'd wanted to do for three long years during which his loins had burned with the fire of a thousand sons.

The End

Author Note:  This story has been brought to you by the letters T and A.  Happy April Fool's Day.  ;)

Bleh *I stick my tongue out to you* ;)
In Spain we have a similar day to "April fool’s day" but it's in December 28th

Happy April Fool's Day *hugs*



Perfectly awesome prank.

(Deleted comment)
;) What can I say? I was feeling goofy.


Perfectly awesome prank.

(Deleted comment)

It is the story of my heart as well.


It is the story of my heart as well.

Glad I'm not alone, then. *snickers*

Just what I needed. Loved it! :)

:D Glad my small prank made you smile.

Wow. That just made my day in a very disturbing way.

Happy April Fool's.

(Also, thanks for the rec! :-))

*smirks* (again)

Btw, you have just whisked me back to the year just before I left home to go to university. My younger sister played that Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover song on a constant loop through our bedroom walls. It eventually led my mum and I to re-name it Damn I Wish I Was Deaf ;)

What a cute memory! Thanks for sharing, sweets. :)

(Deleted comment)
Best. Story. Evah.

hahahaha XD

this explains a lot of things!

I didn't know that today was Fool's Day...here in Argentina is on December 20th. And with the strike going on me and a friend had the brilliant idea of scaring the hell out of the Latin American Bones' fans.. hahaha we couldn't resist the opportunity of making up the story that because of the strike, ratings were very low, people lost interest and so Bones was ending. And I even made up an interview with Hart...god, I think I was the most hated person on earth during that day and the following 3. But I have to confess that it was very funny seeing ever one else freaking out because supposedly the show was over. It was cruel, very cruel.


You are a cruel woman, Sofi. *g* I like it!