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Warning: pure, unadulterated grouchiness ahead
I live in Boston now, much to my chagrin. Something of the frozen variety seems to fall from the sky every third day or so; as soon as the previous snow/sleet melts, the next batch falls. Then I have to walk through the resulting slush and muck. My pants and shoes get dirty and spotted with salt and dirt.

Today it snowed and sleeted (is that a word?) I hate this place. The people are cold and so is the weather. I feel like crap. I hope I'm not getting sick, but I'm worried that I am. Being sick here would suck because it would mean climbing 65 stairs to make it up to our walk-up apartment. If I'm sick, I may just have convalesce on the stairs.

Have I mentioned that I hate it here?

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*waves from across the river in Cambridge*

I feel your pain on the weather. I've lived here for ten years and I'm still not used to the cold, though we have had our mild winters.

I hope things get better for you, and I'll cross my fingers that you don't get sick. :-)

Hi, Stephanie. :) Fortunately, I didn't get sick. Unfortunately, as you know, we had a blizzard! Snow is pretty for a little while, but it gets dirty and slushy so quickly. I don't know how anyone who lives in Mass. keeps their pants clean; every day, I get to work and discover flecks of dirt and salt on my pant legs. That obviously isn't an earth-shattering problem, but it is a bit annoying.

What bothers me even more so than the cold is the lack of sunlight. Far too many days this winter have been cloudy, dark, and grey. That definitely has an impact on my energy level. I so can't wait for Spring. I know it will be gorgeous here then, if I can just survive the next few months.

Hope you're staying warm...

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