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Double Drabble #57: Bridging the Divide
I'm Your Gun - lerdo
Title: Bridging the Divide
Characters: Booth, Roberto Ortez
Word Count: 200
Rating: T or PG-13
Spoilers: Through 1x13: The Woman in the Garden.
Timeline: This is set toward the end of 1x13: The Woman in the Garden.
Comments: are always appreciated. Smiles or frowns work, too. Just be constructive, and we'll get along great.

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Mara Muerte has put a hit out on your lady scientist.

Booth’s given up on perfect answers. She’ll be pissed he’s late; she’ll be alive, too.

He waits, ignoring the unease crawling beneath his skin. He can be patient.

A flash of gray and blue in the side mirror. Ortez. Big, easy steps -- like life is good and no one can touch him. Booth almost smiles, then unfolds himself from the car.

He slams him back against dirty red brick. The little shit is talking: guys like him never know when to shut up.

Booth answers. First with words and then his fist. Next with his gun squeezed into the fleshy hollow just below Ortez’s chin.

Baring his teeth, Booth barks out a few more words. What he says doesn’t matter; the gun he shoves into the man’s mouth does the talking for him. It’s a language that bridges all divides.

Turning away, he takes a couple steps before whipping back around and aiming right between Ortez’s eyes. The tang of fear hovers between them, and he isn’t sure if it’s his or Ortez’s.

What scares him is how badly he wants to pull the trigger.

She’s my partner, ese.

Author's Note: Only six days till we get a new episode of Bones. :)

Thanks for reading. The next chapter of What Would Happen If We Kissed? will go up next Tuesday.


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I’ve just seen this episode in the french tv, and waouh. This scene was so intense... As you say it, Booth can be dangerous to protect those who he loves. His partner. Not only his partner ! (the look they exchange at the end of the 02x07, when they eat stale doughnuts... Well, you know, you're... you're structured... very well...)

You make my day better. But I should stop coming to read your Web site., because there is so much good things to read, and like I'm working... But no, not going on your site... it's impossible. Too bad. I'll not work a lot today... And maybe the other days ;-)


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