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Fic Rec

I have a fic rec.

No, it's not for a Bones fic.  *g*

Under the Night Sky is a fic from the Harry Potter fandom.  It 's just shy of 6,000 words, and it was written for a fic exchange in which people submit prompts, and authors respond to those prompts anonymously.   The author names are revealed at a later date.

Now, I have read all the HP books, but I'm not invested in any romantic pairing.   Nor do I generally read HP fanfic.  But I read this story, and it took my breath away. 

It focuses on Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy, two characters I don't even think about much -- individually or together.  But the writing in this story is so captivating and so pretty that I was left with tears in my eyes.  The author made me believe.

If you write, you know that writing is rarely effortless; even if it reads that way.  Well, the words in this story mean little on their own, but the author pieced them together into something that looks effortlessly beautiful.  Reading Under the Night Sky felt like sitting on a raft on a warm spring day and being carried down the stream by a gentle current.  There's a real sense of movement, emotion, and romance in the story.  The writing didn't seem overwrought or self-conscious.  It was just... right.  The right details, the right diction, the right images.  In other words, there's solid craftsmanship in the story.

And I'll be honest:  I'm jealous of anyone who can write like this.  :)  I'm also ecstatic that I have the chance to be wowed and entertained like this. 

So please go read Under the Night Sky, and don't worry about the pairing or the fandom.  Just go read, and please leave the author some feedback -- even if it's just a smile.  Because preferences differ, I can't promise you'll like it.  Still, I urge you to take a look. 
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