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Fic: Before and After (1/1)
B/B Dreaming - lerdo
Title:  Before and After
Booth, Brennan
Timeline:  Set during The Santa in the Slush
Summary:  Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, and sometimes...
Spoilers:  For The Santa in the Slush
Notes: This is for Kerry, for reminding me what it's like to be transported by a story.

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I read this like it was true.. It's so awesome that I could spend my night reading this :) Again xD

Oh, thanks so much, Sara. I had fun playing with this style, so I'm very happy you enjoyed the result.

Impressive, exactly. Thank you :)

I'm happy you liked this. Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

*huge grin*
This my friend, is what we call a man having an epiphany =D

An epiphany, yes. That's exactly it. *grins along with you* As always, thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you had fun on your trip!

I'm having fun so far, we probably won't be back to San Diego until May 4, maybe a bit later if we decide to stay longer, but it's great being back home in Illinois, I love it here

i love love being reminded of this kiss. so great. perfect number of steamboats.

i did find caroline's reaction strange though. in the special features version, there's much more going on and her saliva makes more sense. but in the edited version, it's long but rather...immobile. :(

regardless, this is beautiful.

marvelous: 'He hadn’t known, not really: now he does. There was before, and now there is after.

There was before, and now there is after.


He'll wait.

Wow. I got chills. I've only recently started watching Bones, and had to catch up via NetFlix. I thought that surely, a show this good much have some good fanfiction... and this is one of the first pieces I found. So I have high hopes for the quality in the fandom. This was really well written. I love the style and his thoughts... and the fact that he'll wait for her. This just makes my inner fangirl squee with delight. It's really spare, but beautifully written and I love the imagery of sunshine on his tongue. This whole piece is just really wonderful.