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*snarfed from tidbit2008*

Quote a bit of my fic at me? Find that one fic of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it? Don't care how long or short.

(Why?  Honestly, because a little validation feels good sometimes.  That's it.)
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From: Always on Your Side

"Agent Booth," she said, trying out the more formal name. But it felt unfamiliar and tasted wrong. Artificial. "I don't like it."

Okay, I confess, part of this selection is because this is my favorite fic of yours. And maybe if I bother you enough, or flatter you enough, you will write me a new chaper. (Please? Please?)

But seriously, folks: this line is fantastic. One, it is weird for Brennan to call Booth 'Agent Booth.' Picture her saying it...it's weird, almost awkward. This line celebrates their nickname-happiness without telling me that their nicknames/abbreviations for one another are special. It's a show, don't tell thing.
Two, I like the sentence structure. The narrative interim mimics Brennan's choppy speech pattern. She says, without narrative, "Agent Booth. I don't like it." Two very short sentences, each with a simplistic structure. In the natural 'pause,' we have the narrative line, "But it felt unfamiliar and tasted wrong." Lay aside the awesomeness of words having a feeling and a taste and look at how simple the sentence is. It's short, sweet, to the point. Just a subject and a compound verb.

Yeah, I'm strange. But it gets me through the day.

You're not strange at all. I understand what you're saying, and I so appreciate your taking the time to spell out exactly why that section worked for you. Sometimes we can't pinpoint why a piece of writing resonates with us; I'm glad that in this case you could.

Yeah, Brennan calling Booth "Agent Booth" signals that something is very, very wrong. I think the show, don't tell adage is one of those writing "rules" that people sometimes get way too hung up on, but I get what you're saying. Not everything needs to be spelled out.

You're not bothering me, though I am definitely flattered by your interest in AOYS. *g* Literally just yesterday I told someone else who asked about this story that I haven't abandoned it, and it will be updated. Unfortunately, it could (still) be a while before it gets updated because I'm trying to finish out some other stories first.

Thanks so much for humoring me and responding to this post. :)

This lets me look back on all your fics :)

From the lovely Unwell:

"Yes, I did." Curling her legs underneath her, Brennan shifted, resting an elbow on the back of the couch. "You know, I’m a forensic anthropologist because every single one of those bones belongs to someone who mattered to someone else.” She paused, looking directly at him. “For a significant part of my life, I wanted that – to simply matter to someone. Looking at the evidence, I can see I now have that.

“I thought about you sitting outside in your SUV all night. You asked me to let you stay that night. I refused. But you stayed anyway. For me. When I was sick, I begged you to leave. You stayed anyway. It’s difficult for me to pinpoint when it happened, but you’ve become a safe place for me. Like Angela, only different. I… trust you. Every time I needed you, you were there.”

The second paragraph sums up the relationship between Booth and Bones. They are there for each other always.

Thanks, Emily, for playing along. :)

The second paragraph sums up the relationship between Booth and Bones. They are there for each other always.

Glad you thought that captured their relationship, and I agree that they're always there for one another.

From Games Without Frontiers:

“Red’s your color, Roxie,” he says, allowing his eyes to trace the lines of her dress with a new boldness.

Her eyes glitter in the dim light. “Let’s see if it’s yours, Tony,” she replies, the accent as heavy as her eye makeup. She takes his hand, brings it to her hip. When she releases it, he curls his fingers into the silky fabric.

I must confess that this ficlet was the inspiration for my Bones fic. I loved your idea of them sleeping together in Vegas and just had the idea in my head long enough until something came of it, lol. But, I digress.

I love this part of the ficlet large in part because of the personas they use and then you just phrase it so perfectly. Their banter on the show can get very combative at times, it's often times fast and crazy. But in this transaction, it's just it's so different but still so great. I hear their coyness and flirtiness and there's just something about it.

Then my second favorite part:

“Relax, Bones,” he says, cutting her off and ignoring the way her now-bare mouth twists in a frown at his interruption. He glances at the torn red dress she tossed in the trashcan right after they woke up that morning. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

I can hear the sadness in Booth's voice, and how tired he's getting of the game they play, of their circling around what's been staring them in the face for so long. You just convey Booth's emotions so fully in so few words. I think part of the reason I love GWF is because of how much you say, without actually saying it. It's very well written.

From: Come Undone

He was upset. That much was obvious. What was less clear was what he wanted from her. In a moment of insight, she silently acknowledged that there must be times when he didn't know how to deal with her. And yet he tried, bringing her Jasper after she'd shot Gil Lappin, risking his career to give her back her mother's earring, holding her when the knowledge of her true identity threatened to swallow her whole. And those were just the times that immediately sprang to mind. She knew there were more. He was a good partner, instinctively supporting her when she needed it -- even when she didn't know how to ask for it.


She swallowed, hard. "Booth, tell me what I can do. I want to help; I just don't know how."

"Bones..." Her chest constricted at the husky tenor of his voice. "Just don't run, ok? Don't run."

He knew her too well. She didn't want to lie to him; he deserved better from her. "I'll— I'll try."

I didn't know which fic to pick,but Come Undone sprang to mind...and as I reread it, this passage/exchange stuck out to me.
I think it did mostly because it feels so genuine. It really resonates with how I perceive the relationship between these characters.

It also made me realize how much I enjoy this particular fic. I really want to see a grittier, more complicated version of their relationship. Oh angst is me.

From my favorite What Would Happen If We Kissed?

The small, discreet touches were driving her insane. Booth's hand on the small of her back as he guided her out of a room, the brush of his fingers against her shoulders as he helped her put on her coat... Those gestures made her skin prickle and warm until she marveled that she didn't burst into flames.

She wavered, a glimmer of uncertainty flaring inside her, but then willed her eyes to remain closed and her body to stay still. Finally, the sheets rustled. The bed dipped as Booth moved toward her, and light and shadow melded and flickered beneath the thin veil of her eyelids.

Edited at 2008-04-21 04:39 am (UTC)

It's very difficult for me to choose one of your Bonesfics, because I love them all. Above and beyond the spot-on characterizations, the voices, the banter, I particularly love the emotional insights you bring to each character. You're constantly plumbing their depths. I've noted that you do this with each character - not just Bones and Booth, but Angela, for example, as well.

However, this scene - this scene - stays with me. IMO, it's totally Booth, totally Bones, and I am PRAYING to see something like this in an episode. It's from "Four Places Booth Wants to Kiss Brennan--And One Place He Did", Part 5.

After yanking the gearshift into park and shutting off the engine, he twisted to face Brennan. Leaning in close, he wrapped his right hand around the back of her neck. Briefly, he considered strangling her. But only for a split-second.

Because then he was kissing her, and really, that was much, much nicer than strangling. Just as effective, too, since she wasn't talking anymore. No, she was doing other things with her mouth—like nibbling on his lip. Her hands flattened against his chest, only she didn't push him away. They curled into his shirt and clutched him closer. And was that her tongue? Oh yeah, definitely...tongue. Mm. "Serenity now," he murmured against her lips.

When he became aware of the ache in his back and the gearshift digging into him, he pulled back—but only far enough so he could see her face.

Eyes dancing, she flicked his tie. "Have you gone insane?"

"Only since I met you," he said, a slow smile spreading across his face as he noticed her flushed cheeks and pink mouth. "Please tell me that wasn't like kissing Russ."

"I should hope not," she said, chuckling.

They never stopped the banter; they kissed, they enjoyed it, and moved on. It's ... perfect B/B. The banter moved to flirtation, and beyond. Just marvelous and natural and the way I hope to see in an episode.


ahh, you stole my quote.
Well, I agree with you completely on this one :)

I think my favourite fic is What Would Happen If We Kissed? but I choose this part of Come Undone because it was my first contact with your fics.

"I don't want to think. I don't want to see. Every time I close my eyes, I see Tommy and Michelle, stuffed under that bed like garbage. Then I see Parker…." He drove his fingers into his hair. "I just don't want to see anymore, Bones." Please.

The word was unspoken, but she heard it.

Was her desire to comfort this man -- a man she knew would die to protect her -- so wrong? She made her decision. Looking into his eyes, she laid her palm flat against his chest, above his heart. The strong, steady beat reassured her. She leaned forward until their breath mingled.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"Crossing the line," she whispered back, watching the surprise flicker across his face in the seconds before their lips met.

Soft. His lips were so soft, she thought. Her mouth barely brushed his before her body caught fire. Booth shifted closer, trapping her hand between their bodies. He traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, making her shiver, until she opened for him. The world narrowed to the delicious sweep of his tongue against hers. She tasted the fruit and oak of the wine they’d shared, and something else, something dark and hot. When she moaned in the back of her throat, he captured it with his mouth.

It's perfect. Booth's angst, Brennan's softness, the desire, the necessity … I can see to Booth and Brennan in this situation.
I remember than when I read this I quivered and I knew I found the best writer of Bonesfics.

And I realized than I was able to understand an English fic. This was a whole new world for me. Really. Thank for this.


I have many favorite fic bits of yours, but one that comes to my mind now is this from What would happen if we kissed?

Booth's eyes glimmered dangerously, and she suppressed a shiver. He caged her with his arms before curving his hands around her hips and pulling her down until she lay on her back in his bed. "You make me crazy," he murmured against her ear. She gasped as his breath tickled her and the meaning of his words sank in.

I think I love this so much because that's something Booth says after Brennan convinced him to have sex with her, he was all in denial (outside) and when he accepts he just says that. He was burning in desire for her from the beginning and that was an out loud proof.

Is it too obvious that WWHIWK is my fav of your stories? ;)

This is difficult to answer! After much internal debate and re-reading a couple of your stories (such a hardship!), I'm going to go with this paragraph from Better Than Ice Cream:

Feeling the unyielding hardness of the ground against her back and the hot press of Booth against her front, she silently asked herself what she wanted in that moment. The answer came to her with unexpected clarity, and she chose to communicate it without words, arching up to kiss the man who was more than her partner, more than her friend. Just more...

Though this paragraph from WWHIWK is a close second:

"Booth," she protested. "I need to grab my phone and my..." The words died on her lips when Booth's thumb brushed the sensitive skin of her antecubital area — the soft spot inside her elbow. Probably no one observing would have given the innocent touch a second thought, but Brennan did, feeling a wave of warmth wash over her.

I really like them both, though it would be difficult for me to articulate why :)

From my favorite chapter of my favorite fic, 'Come Undone':

< "I don't want to think. I don't want to see. Every time I close my eyes, I see Tommy and Michelle, stuffed under that bed like garbage. Then I see Parker….” He drove his fingers into his hair. “ I just don't want to see anymore, Bones." Please.

The word was unspoken, but she heard it. >

This whole chapter actually grabbed me right in the heart and twisted. But these lines in particular exemplified the raw nature of this moment in time between them. I couldn't get them out of my head for days - that 'please' hung up on a loop in my mind for a long time.


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