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Writing Exercises/Prompts
*waves hello to all the writers out there*  willgirl and I have been posting writing prompts/exercises at The Anti-Boneyard.  Below are many of the ones I posted. 

1.  Write a short scene in which one character reduces another to uncontrollable sobs without touching him or speaking.

2.  It was a revelatory moment.

That's it.  Write whatever you want.  Have fun!

3.  Look at the following picture; write something in response.


42-16460318| RM| © Paul Hardy/Corbis
Lighthouse Emerging From Dark Clouds
Image:   © Paul Hardy/Corbis

4.  Write about a situation that resulted in a loss of trust. What happened?

5.  Start writing with this beginning:  The bushes moved slightly...

Source:  http://www.wakeupwriting.com/archives/245#more-245

6.  Today let’s have a go at factual fiction writing.

"Think of a situation or experience that you’ve had in your life - there’s the factual part. Now write about it as if it were happening to a character in a story - becoming fact based fiction."

Source:  http://www.wakeupwriting.com/archives/date/2007/03/

7.  Write a 200-word descrïption of a place. You can use any and all sensory descrïptions but sight: you can describe what it feels like, sounds like, smells like and even tastes like. Try to write the descrïption in such a way that people will not miss the visual details.

Source:  http://www.poewar.com/fifteen-craft-exercises-for-writers/


Please keep in mind that this is just a prompt.  That means you don't need to take it literally; whatever you write doesn't necessarily have to be about Brennan.

9.  Write about a secret.

10.  "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." - Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

11.  Write something beginning with this sentence:  "Don't talk to me about _______"

Write about a kiss, whether it's friendly, familial, or between lovers. 

13.   Write a scene in which at least one of the characters says one thing but means something entirely different.  How you choose to illustrate the disparity between their statements and their thoughts/feelings/intentions/actions is entirely up to you.

14.   Write something (a sentence, scene, story, poem or whatever you want) in which it's raining. 

15.   Prompt:  Forbidden

16.  Try starting with any of these phrases:

He (or she) had never
He (or she) had always
He (or she) wanted to
He (or she) didn't want to

If you'd like to share some exercises or prompts of your own, feel free to comment on this post.  Or if you write something in response to any of these exercises and want to share it, comment or send me a link.  However, you're not obligated to share.  In other words, do whatever you want with these.  I just hope they prove useful for someone.   If you'd like to see the previous exercises I've posted, just click on the tag below.  Happy writing!

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Thank you for these wonderful excersises. I stopped at the very first one, because I'd actually done it in an old fic -- it made me look at the fic again, reconsider it, and think on what I could have done better.

It's funny, because the scene comes from a short fic that I loved to bits and always wanted to develop. I created an OFC and developed lives for all of the cast in my head byut they never made it to the page. It Bones futurefic, taking place about 25 years post-Season 2.

And since you said we could share :) here's the specific scene that goes with #1.

A dozen years inspecting the ruined leavings of human bodies, accustomed to the smell of decomposition and decay, and Jack still refuses to accept the barbarism of open-casket wakes. Every argument he’s ever had about the subject fades in comparison to the last, quietest one as he stands in front of the polished mahogany box. He’d let Booth win that argument, too.

Booth could be napping at Madame Tussaud’s, drained, powdered, coiffed, and in full Army dress. Sparkling hematite rosary beads are threaded through perfectly bent fingers; Jack’s composure holds until he reaches for them and realizes that to make that finishing touch the undertaker had to break Booth’s beautiful hands.

Does it work? Would you read the rest and give me your thoughts if I sent to you? (It's not on LJ anymore, I'd have to send you via e-mail).


Hi, you. :) You're welcome; I know prompts and exercises jog things for me sometimes, so I thought I'd share.

Thanks for posting your scene; I loved reading it. And yeah, I'd say it definitely works. ;)

Would you read the rest and give me your thoughts if I sent to you? (It's not on LJ anymore, I'd have to send you via e-mail).

Like I've told you before, I'll read anything you write. :) I'd be honored, though from reading the section you posted, I suspect it will break me. You can reach me at lerdo123 AT gmail DOT com. Let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to watch out for or comment on.

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