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Bones Macros
I am very immature.  Really.  You have been warned.


Cap Source:  Me

This cap is taken from the Pilot episode.  See?  It was love at first sight for Brennan.

Cap Source:  206_bones 

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(Deleted comment)
*smooches you* A little laughter goes a long way.

OMG LOL! Keep being immature! The 2nd one sounds so much like Brennan it's uncanny!

Edited at 2008-05-02 02:46 pm (UTC)

*pees herself laughing*

You're immaturity feeds my immaturity *goes to browse screencaps*

*wonders why she can never spell 'your'*

I love your immaturity *g*

A. mazing. *resists temptation to spend the rest of the day making some of my own* :)

They are silly and addictive. :P

aaaaaaaaaa! those eyes!!

alsdjasdkajsdadaadñaslkdsa sorry, apparently I'm not able to write the right way when such images come across my sight. :P

Glad this bit o' silliness made you laugh. :D

lol :)

I'm so starting a macro comm now

ah, immaturity. Great after a week of test-taking. LOL

Dignity and seriousness are overrated. :P

Hysterical! And once again, the icon of dancing Angel cracked me up as well.

Thanks, Doc. DB is very good at acting dorky. I wish he used that skill just a wee bit less on Bones. *g*

I will use my all time favorite Buffy quote in response to this:

You are strange and offputting. Go Now.

(I used to say this all the time to my spawn)

Is that an Anya quote? It sounds just like her...

Hahaha!! very funny! :D

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