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Fic: Layers (1/1) (Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough)

Title: Layers
Series: All That Lies Between Us
Characters: Booth, Brennan
Summary: Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough.
Spoilers: For The Baby in the Bough
Word Count: 666
Feedback: is always appreciated and hoarded like gold. Or maybe chocolate. Thank you.
Notes: If you haven' t seen The Baby in the Bough, this might seem a bit confusing, as some of the dialog is taken from that ep. I didn't like the bit with pacifier at the end, so I wrote a brief alternate ending.

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“You know, with next year’s book, you should, uh…. You should get that second home in the town you saved. I mean, it only makes sense, right? Because every year, plasmas, they go down. They get cheaper and cheaper. It happens all the time—”

“Forget it,” Brennan said, interrupting Booth.

“What? I’m just saying that Andy’s gonna miss his Auntie Bones, and he’s gonna wanna see you,” Booth said, lips bent in a smirk. “We’ll all go fishing. Come back home. Plop ourselves in front of that big 103 inch plasma screen of heaven and football. And you can make the five-layer dip!”

“Seven-layer dip,” she said, unable to resist correcting him even as the tiny voice inside her that had been getting increasingly loud since Christmas suddenly spoke up about what a pleasant picture Booth had painted with his offhand words.

“Even better! Seven layers. Perfect. You can talk to Andy. Hello, Andy, little man…” His words trailed off into a series of unintelligible and infantile sounds that made her roll her eyes.

“You know what I find interesting?” she said, pitching her voice louder than his.

“What?” he said, turning his head to look at her.

“The fact that you take for granted your presence at my hypothetical second home.” Sweets would have been proud of her, she thought, with the beginnings of a smile as Booth blinked back at her, clearly flustered. “That is a rather domestic scenario you just posited,” she said, enjoying Booth’s discomfort. It was a rare occasion indeed when she rendered her partner speechless.

“Well…” He scratched the back of his neck. “I just meant that…”

Brennan raised her eyebrows and waited for his explanation. “Yes?”

“Never mind.”

Still smiling, Brennan leaned toward Booth. Because it seemed natural, because sitting there with Booth felt so easy, and there was such an air of inevitability to it, she didn't stop her fingers from curling around his slim black tie and then tugging him forward until she smelled the coffee on his breath and saw the surprised glint in his eye. When he didn’t pull away, her eyes fell shut; she released his tie and closed the remaining distance between them until their mouths brushed in the briefest of kisses.

His hands drifted to her shoulders, their pressure warm and steady. Retreating slowly, Brennan opened her eyes to find Booth watching her.

“How long you been thinking about doing that?” he asked, a hint of arrogance in his voice as he brushed a strand of hair from her face.

“Oh, as if you haven’t,” she replied, flicking his tie with her index finger.

“Since Christmas?” he asked, with a wink.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His eyes danced with laughter, and she smiled back. “Sure you don’t,” he said. Letting her go, he hopped down from the back of the SUV. “If you want some more of that, you’re gonna have to buy me dinner.”

“Who said I wanted more?” she shot back.

“I can tell, Bones. Non-verbal communication. Now come on,” he said, and held his hand out to her, “let’s go spend what’s left of your seven-figure advance.”

Ignoring his hand, she stood and stepped away from the car, brushing off her pants. “You’re saying you’ll actually let me pay for once?”

“Yup,” he said, closing the back. “Today I will. One-time offer on account of you missing Andy.”

“How can I possibly refuse an offer like that?”

“Simple; you can’t.”

She watched Booth’s smile widen as he fished his car keys from his pocket and then tossed them to her. Laughing, she caught them and quickly rounded the car to scramble into the driver’s seat before he could change his mind.

After buckling her seatbelt, she turned her head to glance at Booth. “It looks as though you’re on the grandma side today.”

“Sure looks that way, Bones.” Shrugging, he reached out to smooth his thumb across her cheek. “But don’t get used to it.”

A/N: Hugs and thanks to everyone who commented on #59. :)

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