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Fic: Layers (1/1) (Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough)
Title: Layers
Series: All That Lies Between Us
Characters: Booth, Brennan
Summary: Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough.
Spoilers: For The Baby in the Bough
Word Count: 666
Feedback: is always appreciated and hoarded like gold. Or maybe chocolate. Thank you.
Notes: If you haven' t seen The Baby in the Bough, this might seem a bit confusing, as some of the dialog is taken from that ep. I didn't like the bit with pacifier at the end, so I wrote a brief alternate ending.

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Wonderful, too bad this isn't what happened. Thank you :)

heee, that's cute! how you manage to make it 666 words, I really don't know, lol!

Alternate ending indeed. This feels like it could just settle right into the episode as effortlessly as the original ending, Lerdo. Beautifully written!

as much as i loved the ending of baby in the bough, i definitely prefer this one ;)

A much better ending than the one they filmed :)

I think you're right. a kiss to shut him up would have been much nicer than a pacifier.

Well, yeah, cuz while we shippers can read into things with the best of them, he definitely was making some explicit assumptions about being in that house with her and she would need to call him on it. Nice alternate ending.

I like the pacifier ending but your fic just made me squee! :D

I like this!
When I first watched the ep I thought the pacifer thing was a bit twee and it just got worse with extra viewings.
It seems like a cop-out on the writers part.

But this is cute - you really bought the banter and they both spot on.

yay! I was anticipating your response to the ending of Baby in the Bough, because I personally thought it was a bit weak. But this makes a great end to a very good Bones ep!

God. I loved this. This is truly how the episode should have ended.

You capture those two so well and keep them more in-character than anyone else I've ever read.

*huge grin*
I like this so much better. And that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the episode, Booth was thinking up an awfully domestic scene. I like it, hehe ;)

I wish it had gone this way. I love the way you write Booth teasing her. It feels so natural.