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Fic: Layers (1/1) (Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough)
Title: Layers
Series: All That Lies Between Us
Characters: Booth, Brennan
Summary: Alternate ending for The Baby in the Bough.
Spoilers: For The Baby in the Bough
Word Count: 666
Feedback: is always appreciated and hoarded like gold. Or maybe chocolate. Thank you.
Notes: If you haven' t seen The Baby in the Bough, this might seem a bit confusing, as some of the dialog is taken from that ep. I didn't like the bit with pacifier at the end, so I wrote a brief alternate ending.

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I actually didn't mind the original ending, I thought it was cute that they just went to a park somewhere to hang out, and I thought David was hilarious, but I love this ending even more. He definitely was hinting towards some future together... I wonder if David had anything to do with that, since he and Emily apparently do some improve stuff on it.

Awwww...I just started watching this show, but I loved this scene and I love your alternate ending so much more. I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that scene. I jumped all over the "go home" line. I really love them together. I went back to watch from the beginning. It was actually that episode that hooked me. :) I loved reading this alternate ending. Awesome ficlet! I'm going to have to read more. :)