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Fic: Cast Some Light (#61 in ATLBU)

Title: Cast Some Light
Series:  All That Lies Between Us
Booth, Brennan (friendship)
Summary: Pre-ep for The Verdict in the Story.
Word Count: 200
Feedback: makes me dance a jig. ;) Thank you.
Disclaimer: Though I wish Booth and Brennan belonged to me, they don't.  FOX owns 'em; I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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It’s late when he stops by. Propped against the doorway of Brennan’s office, Booth shoves his hands into his pockets and watches her. Her face rests in her hands – hands that have done so much good in the world – and his stomach cramps with regret because they are on opposite sides this time.

Booth has bent and broken the law for this woman; tomorrow, when Max Keenan’s trial begins, Booth’s hands will be useless.

But they are still partners.

A sigh escapes, and her slumped shoulders straighten as she sits up. Pride in her strength moves him then, propelling him to the couch, where he brushes aside a mountain of paper and lowers himself beside her.

She doesn’t look at him, just jiggles her leg. The unconscious gesture is so unlike her that his hand settles on her knee, stilling her movement, before he can ask himself what he’s doing. Two breaths, and her head turns in his direction. Her eyes follow, and in the silence he hears her anxiety and her sadness.

Releasing her knee, he curves his arm around her shoulders. She tenses. “I’m sorry,” he says, and feels her relax.

“I know,” she replies, leaning into him.

A/N: Hugs and thanks to everyone who commented on #60. :) I anticipate being able to do some catching up on replies this coming week.


But they are still partners.

I hope so after tomorrow's episode which looks amazing by the way.

Can't wait for this to come on tomorrow. Thank you for this short fic.

nice work...am anxious for tomorrow's ep

This reminds me of e.e. cummings's somewhere i have never traveled-- 'nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands'-- this and the first paragraph of this fic just resonates the same kind of feeling: a strange state of disquietude and ambivalence all at the same time.


Thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment for this. ♥

So sweet, so sad, so "them".

It'll be interesting how the writers handle the trial. How will this effect b/b? How will this effect the relationship Brennan has with her other family - the squints?

I'd like to see this scene, though...a way for them to agree, yet maintain their integrity.

*smishes you and sends you belated thanks*

i cannot wait till tomorrow's ep! :)

Thank you; I'm so pleased you enjoyed this.

Gosh, your fic makes me want to kiss them both breathless.

And Hanson & Josephson haven't hired you....why?

Very in character, and still very cute. =]
Your writing talent constantly amazes me.
I don't comment on everything, but I read it. And I love it.

Yes, tomorrow's ep looks...interesting, to say the least. ;]

Thanks so much for your generous comments; I really appreciate them. ♥ I'm thrilled you've enjoyed my fics. :)

Awesome pre-ep fic! Would love to actually see this little scene on the show!

Ah, this is killing me! I am totally on vacation (okay, study abroad) for a month and I AM GOING TO MISS IT.

As usual, this was very nicely done. *period of silence from me begins*

So very few words pass between them, but yet, so much is said...

Hmm... the ep is airing soon! *can't wait* Nice little fic. I like the trust in this.

(Deleted comment)
Many thanks. And yes, Verdict was a fantabulous episode.