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Bones Macro
You Drive Me Crazy - lerdo
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Image from The Baby in the Bough.
Rating: PG-13 for slight suggestiveness.
Why?:  Because Mondays bring the pain.  And life's too short not to laugh.

Notes:  I HATED the end of The Baby in the Bough enough that I wrote an alternate ending.   Then I saw  a cap from that scene and decided I could have a little fun with it. 

Cap Sourcedj_capslock
Cap edited by:  Me

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Mwhahahahahaha. It's great.

Btw, I love "The Baby in the Bough" but I prefer your alternate ending. Sure xD



Dave likes that pacifier entirely too much for my own comfort....

Happy Monday! Let the rough side drag, baby!

Dave likes that pacifier entirely too much for my own comfort....

*gags* :P

ROTFLMAO! Oh God... I will forever think of that whenever I'll watch this episode. ;)

thank you for that. Happy Monday!


Did you get my community link? It's called Bones_Macros

Bwa ha ha ha! You know that scene would have been improved immeasurably if we could only have heard that running through his mind!

Happy Bonesday to you btw, I'll be avoiding all spoilers until I've watched it sometime tomorrow!! So excited!

Since I hated that ending as well, thanks for helping me laugh at it instead of feeling slightly nauseous.

Um... hey guys; did any of you see the scenes from next week's ep? The person who got shot at the end- is that Bones? *dun dun dunnn*

Large amount of lol. :) Dirty interpretations are always fun...

However, the main point of this random comment is to let you know that I snaffled your great lolbones idea to fill the wee small hours of the morning, but I'm more than happy to take them down if it's too stealy. :)

Again, hilarious pic!

omg lerdo..................freakin hilarious...........lmao

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