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The Verdict in the Story Mini-Picspam
I don't watch Bones for the cases, the science, or the legalese, all of which are sometimes often laughably unrealistic. The characters and the character interactions are what keep me coming back for more -- it's as simple as that.  I loved The Verdict in the Story precisely because it delivered on those things.  No, I didn't think it was the best Bones episode ever, but I liked it enough to consider writing meta for it.  But then I decided to do something a little different and post some edited caps -- with minimal commentary -- and save the verbiage for fic.  Sometimes a pic really is worth a thousand words.  ;)

So,  here in no particular order are 18 things I liked about Verdict and 2 I didn't:








[Max and Brennan kill me.  The father - daughter chemistry is lovely.]

[Yeah, it's insane that Max Keenan's free, but it did give us a nice Brennan/Max moment and open up possibilities for future storylines.]

[Go watch this scene again.  That's all I have to say.]

[I know there are people who don't see any chemistry between these two, but to me, this looks like love.]


[Can we keep Russ on the show as a regular?]

[Jack Hodgins, bringing the pretty.]







[The head-tilt made me smile.]

Cap Source:  Me
Edited by:  Me (So please don't take any of these images and use them for icons, banners, etc.  These images are not bases.)

I want Russ as a regular too! I luff him!!

I cried at the ending of the episode - but it was happy tears.

Russ is awesome.

Verdict was a very interesting episode. :)

(Deleted comment)
I don't have enough tv knowledge to know what the difference between regular and semi-regular is in terms of a character's presence on a show, but I'll take either for Russ. :)

Bests and faves are tough for me to pick, but I'll say I loved Aliens, Judas, and Knight.

Not trying to pressure you, but a few of those pics would make some mighty fine icons.

Duly noted! Thanks.

I would love for Russ to become a regular. I've had a crush on Loren Dean since Gattaca.

This episode killed me, it really did. I was seriously disturbed by the "flashbacks" of Bones killing Kirby.

I LOVED Gattaca, but it's been years since I watched it. I didn't realize LD was in it. I'll have to rent it and do a re-watch.

I was seriously disturbed by the "flashbacks" of Bones killing Kirby.

I know! Those were creepy and very effective.

Damn you writers' strike. Is there only one more episode? Just as dynamics are getting interesting rather than treading water it's going to disappear for months.

I liked the court room however unrealistic the presentation. I would have preferred less of Sweets - he's become the Sully of Season 3- in this episode but otherwise there were good performances all round.

Russ will have to go back to prison won't he or is his parole thing finished? Anyway there's the family with the little girls to consider. But he could come back.

As for the look of love; he appreciates her sacrifice. I loved the brains and heart motif. Trust Booth to think of that.

Two more episodes. Season finale airs Monday, the 19th.

Russ doesn't have to go back to prison - he got 30 days for his parole violation back in The Knight on the Grid, so he's out of jail, with an extra 18 months tacked onto his parole, but still, a free man. I have long thought that Loren Dean is a seriously underrated actor, and I would be okay with seeing more of Russ. I think I'm a little maxed out (Ha! See what I did there?) on Max, though - a little Ryan O'Neal goes a LONG way.

Some thoughts inspired by your picspam:

1. I love that Jimmy Eat World song.
2. Hodgins did look really good in this episode.
3. I've never seen Brennan crack up that hard at anything, even Booth. A bit random.
4. Did anyone find it odd when Brennan made that joke about Booth being from another planet? I don't know if that whole moment was meant to be awkward, but it implies that Brennan is not taking herself literally. From the woman who said "humans can't breathe underwater."
5. I loved Booth and Brennan teaming up to pick on Sweets.
6. For people who know more about this stuff than me, couldn't Caroline just ask Brennan if she killed Kirby? Unless Brennan would plead the fifth? *is confused*

Thanks for helping me relive the wonderfulness that was this episode.

Just to leap in randomly regarding #6, they did the same thing on Boston Legal last year and the non-defendant person who was accused of murder did plead the fifth. So yeah, Caroline presumably could've asked but Brennan could've kept quiet to make herself look guiltier. (I'm not a lawyer by the way so I (and Boston Legal) may be wrong.) :)

YES!! To all of that! Adding to mems! K xx

Adding to mems!

Oooh, mems! *is flattered* ;) 'Twas a fab epi.

I thought Brennan laughing at the "meaty parts" thing was strange, too.
And the one time I read spoilers and am looking forward to the Brennan/Angela jail scene - and it has been cut down! Although it still was a nice scene. Didn't make a lot of sense but it was nice. But no big hug for Ange at then end?
I liked the scene of B&B teasing Sweets - ED looked like she had a lot of fun in that scene.

Am I the only one who really doesn't like Max? All I could think of while Booth was testifying that Bones could have done it was that "Hey - her book sales will go thru the roof now that people think she could be a killer. Maybe she'll be buying a house near Andy sooner rather than later."

Hopefully the snipped Bren/Ange bits will show up on the dvds. I was looking fwd to those, too. And I agree that it was weird to not have a B/A hug.

It's good for Sweets to get a taste of his own medicine. But I find him pretty juvenile and annoying in general. I'm hoping Gormogon eats him. :P

Actually, lots of people don't like Max. I think he's an interesting character. I'm not sure if I LIKE him or not, but I LOVE his and Brennan's scenes together. Since the loss of Brennan's family has clearly had such an impact on who she is as an adult, having Max and/or Russ around on a more regular basis could have interesting implications for her life and for future story-lines. That's my take.

In #11 she's telling him 'I love you' and nothing else. ;)

They're so cute. I have to rewatch it to sound coherent.


In #11 she's telling him 'I love you' and nothing else. ;)

Yes. :)

This ep is definitely worthy of a re-watch. :D

*hugs you back*

1. Not the best ep ever but definitely the best since the strike
2. Hodgins was looking particularly good to me as well.
3. Loren Dean adds a lot to the show, Ryan O'Neal distracts me for some reason. I think it's the mucho obvious eye lift(s).
4. I get the chemistry oh, do I ever.
5. When his voice got all funny/emotional when he said "that's a lot of heart" I wanted to squeal. Out loud.
6. The end made my eyes well up - not the Max thing, but him leaving the courtroom to be with her. Guh.

1. Agreed.
2. ;)
3. You're right about the plastic surgery. I don't know if I like Max, but I think he's a fascinating character. Also, more importantly, I think his being around on a regular basis would have a big impact on Brennan. It's obvious that the loss of her family was pivotal in shaping who she is today, so it follows that having Russ and or Max around more regularly would also impact her and her future story-lines.
4. *g*
5. I know! Such a great moment.
6. *sighs*

when i was watching last night i literally said outloud "hodgins is getting sexier"
that and the whole episode was i.n.t.e.n.s.e

Yup, it was definitely an intense episode.

(Deleted comment)
[Can we keep Russ on the show as a regular?]


1. Totally agree
11. Those last looks scream love.
14. I'm no fan of Hodgins but he really is a handsome man.

1. That was just a bad moment.
2. *smiles and sighs*
3. He really is.

witchman watched this week's episode with me and after seeing Booth and Bones together in one scene looked over at me and said, "And he's not getting any with her why?"


And throughout the whole episode I had to keep stopping him in mid-sentence and say, "No, the Judge wouldn't do that. No, the Judge wouldn't allow that. No, that wouldn't happen in the Courtroom."

witchman watched this week's episode with me and after seeing Booth and Bones together in one scene looked over at me and said, "And he's not getting any with her why?"

The $6 million question. *g*

I'm hardly an expert on the American justice system, but this show OFTEN gets pretty unrealistic on that front.

I know there are people who don't see any chemistry between these two
What??? Seriously??? Who are they? So they are blind.
And those looks are full of love.

Awesome episode and great picspam :)


I'm not naming names, but there are lots of people who don't see B/B chem. :) We all interpret things differently. Me, I see absolute devotion. But perhaps I am wearing rose-colored glasses. *g*

Thank you, my dear.