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Prismatic (Batch #4)

Title:  Prismatic
Summary:  Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as individuals.
Everything through The Baby in the Bough is fair game.
Word Count: 274
Rating:   PG-13 or T
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This piece of writing is purely mean to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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21. Taste

“You’re definitely… a fully developed man,” Brennan said, with a funny little hitch in her voice, and the combination of her words and the flash of tongue when she took one last sip of her milkshake hit him square in the gut; if it were any other woman, he’d swear she was flirting with him.

Timeline: During the final scene of The Player Under Pressure.

22. Life

She never comes right out and tells him how difficult this case is for her, or how much she identifies with Andy Taylor; then again, she doesn’t have to – he sees it in the careful way she cradles the baby, and when she hands him over to Carol and Jim Grant, knowing they will love him in a way her foster parents didn’t love her, it’s too much, and Booth has to look away.

Timeline: Set during The Baby in the Bough.

23. Weakness

An earring, a plastic pig, a Smurf, a detour for her brother, an escape for her father – these are some of the things he’s given her, and all he really wants in return is the smile that’s lit her face right now.

24. Wind

They sat on a bench, sipping from their iced coffees, and a welcome breeze swept toward them, relieving some of the summer heat; as it slid its fingers through Brennan’s dark hair in a way he couldn’t, Booth closed his eyes against a flash of jealousy.

25. Sun

As she glances back at Booth over her shoulder, Brennan notes he’s squinting against the glare, his sunglasses forgotten somewhere; his eyes are somehow warmer in the sunlight, and the part of her she tries so hard to ignore warms and softens in response, even as she scrambles to keep the evidence from showing on her face.

To be continued...

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