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Prismatic (Batch #5)

Title:  Prismatic
Summary:  Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as individuals.
Spoilers: Everything through The Verdict in the Story is fair game.
Rating:   PG-13 or T
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This piece of writing is purely mean to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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26. Wonder

“Sometimes I think you're really very nice,” Brennan says, eyes steady and expression gentle, and Booth silently wonders if there will ever be a right time for them to share something beyond coffee, cases, and casual conversation.

Timeline: Set during The Verdict in the Story.

27. Soliloquy

“Making love – that’s when two people become one,” Booth says, and Brennan’s mind swirls with unvoiced questions like, “Do you know this from experience, and if so, will you show me?”

Timeline: Set during Death in the Saddle.

28. Question

When Booth calls home, his mother picks up on the second ring, and it’s two seconds after they’ve discussed Parker that she asks, “Are you dating anyone?”; an image of Brennan flashes through his head, but that’s stupid because they definitely aren’t dating.

29. Whiskey and rum

Brennan watches Booth knock back a shot of whiskey, his throat working as he swallows, and she has to restrain herself from chasing the drink with her tongue.

30. Moon

He’s made love to her a thousand times in his dreams, but after the first time in his bed, Booth lies awake next to Brennan and watches her skin shift from white to silver, unwilling to fall asleep too soon and wake to find it was all just something conjured by his sleeping brain.

To be continued...

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