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Prismatic (Batch #7)

Title:  Prismatic
Summary:  Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as individuals.
Spoilers: None
Rating:   PG-13 or T
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This piece of writing is purely mean to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Acknowledgments: Thank you to those kind folks who've commented; you rock my world.  One day I'll get 100% current on replies.  *g*  'Til then, ::hugs::.

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36. Heaven

One morning Booth catches Brennan sneaking looks at him from behind her oatmeal, and when he can’t stand it anymore he lowers the paper and barks, “What?” and then she frowns at his tone and says, “I love you” for the first time, leaving him speechless.

37. Sickness

Over the years of their partnership, Booth has borne being shot, tortured, and blown up with mute stoicism, but at the first sign of the flu he takes to bed and whines about his aching body until Brennan has to hide a smile behind her hand.

38. Home

The cold makes him ache sometimes; Booth does his best to ignore the pain, but at home, after dinner, Brennan silently pulls his feet into her lap and gently kneads them with her warm fingers until he sighs and closes his eyes.

39. Hair

He loves it when it’s damp and wavy, when it’s restrained in a ponytail, and even when she frowns and tells him it’s getting too long and needs at least a trim, but as Booth helps Brennan shave her head because she can no longer stand the clumps in her hairbrush, he meets her shimmering eyes in the mirror and says, “I love you – with or without hair.”

40. Blessing

Every summer they rent a small cabin in the Catskill Mountains: she spends five days there alone, and then he joins her for another week; the first summer after her death, Booth almost decides to skip the annual trip, but then he goes, and as the wind whispers through hemlock and maple, he closes his eyes and thinks he hears Brennan’s laughter.

A/N: Happy Friday, everyone! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend. And if anyone is wondering about What Would Happen, I should have the next chapter up sometime between this wkend and Tuesday.

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