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CSI: NY Ficlet: The Weight of Water (1/1)
Title: The Weight of Water (1/1)
Stella Bonasera, Mac Taylor
Word Count:
Rating:  K+ or PG
Summary: This is an episode filler ficlet for 1x1: Blink. [Mac/Stella friendship.]
Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.
Disclaimer: CSI: NY and its characters belong to CBS, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.

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The Weight of Water

Mac admits he isn’t sleeping.

Later, when Stella asks him if the husband got to him, he just stares back at her with opaque eyes and tells her he’s going to the hospital.

She stands in the hallway at Angel of Mercy and watches him through the half-drawn curtains surrounding the bed of the poor woman trapped in her body. Head and shoulders bow with the weight of his loss, and Stella wishes she could help him carry it – that he would let her.

Mac’s grief is a heavy curtain Stella wants to part, but as she swallows against the sudden tightness in her throat, she realizes he’s allowed a comatose woman to see more of him than he’ll let her see.

Author’s Note: I’m not new to writing fanfic, but I am new to CSI: NY fic – and to the show in general. In fact, I just watched the first episode last night. If anything in this ficlet seems “off,” it might be because I’m only going off the first ep. So please feel free to share constructive criticism with me.

It's too early to tell if I ship anyone on the show, and I don't know if I’ll write more fic as I get caught up on the seasons, but while watching Blink I was struck by Stella and Mac’s friendship – and Mac’s sadness over Claire's death.

Thanks for reading. :)


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I actually never watched an episode of CSI: NY. I'm only watching Miami but I always wanted to start watching New York as well. Evry week I tell myself "Today you're gonna watch CSI: NY."

Anyway, nice piece of work ;)

I think you'll like it, as I told lerdo. I love the first two seasons or so of Miami but lost interest after I saw Speed die in the reruns. The newer stuff just doesn't keep me watching for some reason. LV is good too, have you checked it out yet?

I stopped watching Miami when Speed died at first. But a few month ago my internet broke when I had holidays so I started watching TV shows I always wanted to watch or I stopped watching for some reason, so I started watching Miami again.
No, haven't watched LV yet but I honestly have no idea why. I think I should start watching that as well.
Downloading the first episodes of NY right now =D

I don't watch any of the other CSI shows. NY recently piqued my interest because Gary Sinise is in it, and he is a great actor.

Anyway, nice piece of work ;)

Thanks, Sabi. :)

He really is and I totally love his character.
Have you watched more than the first episode yet?

It seemed great to me! Even without knowledge of later episodes, I thought you caught the Mac/Stella friendship vibe very nicely. Loved the line Mac's grief is a heavy curtain which Stella wants to part; that's just a gorgeous metaphor and made me remember the episode in question really clearly, even though it's years since I've seen it.

Lovely job.

Thanks, Bertie. :) I'm glad the curtain metaphor conjured up the ep for you. It was a creepy episode. *shudders*

Out of curiosity, is there a pairing(s) on NY that you like? I've now seen the first 12 episodes of the first season, and I'm still fairly neutral.

Yeah, I was fairly neutral for the first season or so as well. I'm a fan of the Danny/Lindsay pairing in later seasons but I won't say anymore about that to avoid spoiling you... :) It may be different for you, but there weren't/aren't many pairings that inspired me in CSI:NY. *shrugs* Each to her own I guess. :)

nice work :) I loves my Smacked. Smacked 4 ever lololol

I think you're in for a good ride, although the fact they're ending this season with a cliffhanger is making me mad.

Thanks. :) I've now watched through 1x12, and I'm still fairly neutral on couples, though it's clear to me that Mac and Stella have a strong friendship.

Cliffhangers are fun and painful. *g*


I've been lurking around here for a few months. My happy surprise at this fic made me feel that I should stick my nose out of the shadows to say:
1) Your Booth/Brennan fics are always lovely. I enjoy them quite a bit.
2)I look forward to Wednesday Smiles every week. It is so wonderful to know that somebody somewhere in the world is having a good day, even if it is not necessarily me.
3)I am ridiculously happy that you've started writing CSI:NY fic. "Bones" and "CSI:NY" are pretty much the only two tv shows I watch regularly and I'm looking forward to reading your (always insightful) take on the characters and the show.
Oh, right and:
4) Hi!

Thanks for de-lurking. :) Don't be shy; I'm generally nice. ;)

1) Very kind of you to say! I love Booth and Brennan.
2) I'm glad you like Wednesday Smiles. For me, the point is that even if I'm having a terrible day, week, or month, there must be some small thing that I can appreciate.
3) I don't know if I'll write more CSI: NY fic; it all depends on whether the characters grab me enough to me make me want to write about them. But I am enjoying it so far. The show is fairly heavy on the procedural elements and relatively light on the character bits (at least so far), which is taking some getting used to for me.
4) Hi right back at you. :) Welcome.

Re: De-lurking

Thanks :)

CSI:NY definitely differs from Bones in that it is first and foremost a procedural, but the characters are there. Give them time.

Gary Sinise is ten thousand shades of awesome. He makes my inner-Chicagoan ridiculously proud. It just doesn't get much cooler than the Steppenwolf.

Enjoy the show.

oh most DEFINITELY keep watching!! its worth it, without a doubt. im having issues with the current season, but overall its truly the best of the csi franchise and just a wonderful show. i'm also head over heels for mac and stella, so i hope you continue to write them!

Hi. I don't watch any of the other CSI shows, but I decided to finally check out NY because Gary Sinise is in it, and I think he's a really solid actor. I like Mac and Stella's friendship; I'm not sure yet if I sense romantic potential. Time will tell! :)

yeah, gary sinise is AMAZING. initially, i started out disliking him, but ive since come to my senses.

lol i am mentally incapable of watching a show and NOT 'shipping every single damn character, so i see romance EVERYWHERE. but one way or the other, their friendship is very enjoyable, be it platonic or something more.

Short, but very well-written. I think you had some good insight into Mac's character :) Hope to see more from you!

The Stack fan reads Smack fic *points* :P

Well I like it. Short, but good. And I'm so glad you're starting watching it :)

Thanks for sharing!

That's beautiful. Keep it up!

I ♥ CSY:NY and Bones, so it is great seeing you venture into NY!

Great look into the ep! Keep watching, you'll get to see the characters grow into themselves and really deepen!

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