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(no subject)

That seems like everyone's expression tonight. I totally agree though.

um.. yeah.

I'm .. dskjafl;sajf;al;jdfs


I know, huh! I wasn't expecting it to be him!

not the circumstance i want my b/b hugs!

Booth is shot.

Husband: Holy shit!

Me: Whoa.

Husband: Kill her, Bones!

Me: Whaaaaa?

Bones kills Pam.

Husband: [jumps up from the chair.] Good one!

Me: Whaaaa?

Whew. I am totally feklempt. Also, I can NOT wait for next week's episode.....

After this episode, I had much the same expression, but with the addition of a few choice expletives.

The week is going to crawl by so slowly now.

Stop it! You're the second person my on flist to say everything about that episode without saying anything, and it's driving me mad!! ;) (I'm waiting to download it)

LOL Me too (I'm waiting to watch it)! It's KILLING me. (although I have already watched the promo for next episode so and kind of read the sides...)

I'll see your :o and raise you a HOLY SHIT! I was not expecting that at all!

I mean OH. MY. GOD.

and did I mention OH. MY. GOD?!

Pretty much my reaction as well.

I effing HATE cliffhangers...

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, seriously. That was one of the few times I cursed at the TV, the other in recent memory being cursing in joy during the Superbowl. :o)

The whole thing was one big expletive.


Double the :0 and raise it.


That was pretty much my reaction. Actually, I gasped and shouted it so loudly that my brother barged into my room and wondered what was wrong.

And I'm glad you posted tonight! I am new to lj so do not know any bones communities (other than the fanfic one) who I can squeal over episodes with, and was waiting for your post on the episode!

yes. you just summed up my entire reaction quite nicely..