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Bones Macro for The Woman in the Sand
Characters:  Booth, Brennan
Images from The Woman in the Sand.
Rating: PG-13 for slight suggestiveness.
Why?   Why not?

Notes:  This isn't really meant to be funny; I think it might mirror Booth's thoughts fairly closely. ;)

Caps and Editing by: me

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(Deleted comment)
;) Yeah, I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his head in that scene.

I'm SURE that's what he was thinking!

I used to think he was thinking: "Just when I thought you couldn't turn me on more, then you go and put on that dress", but yours is better. ;)

*yays and points to her icon*

Your icon is, of course, perfect. ;)

that would make for HOTT Fox TV!


SO what he was thinking :)

Haha, totally his expression! :)

*g* There was something showing on his face then.

yeah, 'oh shit... she is so hot and im so screwed' lol, that face is priceless, you could put so many thought with that picture

Wow, it's amazingly done thumbs up

These are awesome! *tries and fails to refrain from licking screen*

I nabbed 5 and 21 & will most certainly credit when I use them.

booth and brennan

well i'm sorry if my english is not the better onei'm from spain so sorry.
well i love booth an di think that in many cases he ahas put in clear that he feels something abut brenaan don't you?? in myopinion the director must make a chapter of booth and brennan like a couple or like smething than work firneds you know what i mean?? i wish yes..it was only fot tell that thank you!!

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