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Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver...
Yikes.  Memories of being a Girl Scout many, many moons ago are coming back to me now.  *g*

I snagged the Buffyverse version of this meme from chrisleeoctaves.  Then the lovely and witty crankylex modified it. I liked her mods so much I asked if I could snag her version.  I modified it a wee bit further, and now we have this:

Copy this post into your journal (making sure to allow anonymous comments). People will then comment ANONYMOUSLY with the name of someone on their flist that they think others might enjoy reading... be it for their interesting meta posts, fabulous art-work, wonderful stories or just because they are an interesting person who they think others might benefit from knowing. (You can give the reasons WHY you think we should read this person's journal, or just post their name--whichever you feel more comfortable with.) It's probably best not to pick someone whose entire journal is locked because there wouldn't be any point if there weren't any public posts for people to read.

Other members of your flist then copy this into their journal giving you the chance to continue spreading the love by recommending people to them!


* Make sure your recs are done anonymously; this is to reduce any potential hurt feelings for other members of your flist.

* If you want to rec more than one person, that’s great, but please mention each person in a separate anonymous comment.

* If you want to link me to a specific post(s) that stands out for you, I'm cool with that, too.

Ok.  Any takers? 

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deception_pass: Sims "LJTV Show", about Vampires. Joss Whedon got the idea for Buffy from this "show". ;)

Well, damn, you're the one I usually recommend to others. Who do I recommend to you? Ooh, I know!

I don't know if you're in the Good Omens fandom at all, but vulgurweed's stuff is amazing.

I love and adore ziggystarduzt.

She doesn't write fic of any kind, but she posts fairly often about Bones, The Office, X-Files, her upcoming wedding and her job in video gaming. Oh, and zombies. Currently lots of zombie posts. :)

She's also one of the new mods of 206_bones so you might have seen her there. Basically, she's awesome.

Those sunny days (http://xenodike.livejournal.com/62446.html) by xenodike
The most beautiful slash spangel fic that I have read.

Well, darn, most of my favorites are f-locked to the max, lol.

falseeeylashes. She's quirky, funny, smart and writes good fic, oh and posts music mixes. Some of her shows are Lost, Band of Brothers, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Studio 60, The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, House, L&O: SVU, The OC, Skins.

She's a recent college grad with a job in Washington D.C. waiting for her but I'm not exactly sure when she starts. A month or so, I think. She writes original fiction, I love her Zombies and her Apocalypse stuff. Entries range from food to TV/Movies(big movie lover) to writing to Celeb gossip(not so much lately) to life in general.

faith_chaos. House. Bones. Grey's. BtVS. Angel the Series. Lost. Farscape. ER. Writes great fan fiction. She's a wife and mother and many of her entries center around her husband and children, but she can squee and rant with the best of them about her miscellaneous shows. Very sweet :)

Belatedly, I would recommend Carmen Sandiego's Bones fic, which she posts at carmens_quill on LJ.

Sorry, I don't know how to post links to other livejournals in comments!

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