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Wednesday Smiles
Friends, countrywomen, countrymen, lurkers cruising through here, and dogs -- if there are any dogs out there reading this -- if you feel like it, post something that made you smile this week.  If you don't want to, don't.

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Seeing scans from the newest TV Guide about the finale!

(Deleted comment)
Oh my god. Soooo cuuuuute... Must... Hug... Dog...

Despite being a wonderful man, my DH is NOT an animal person, so I must live vicariously when it comes to our furrier friends.

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Thanks for the link. I went, I saw, and I squeed. He's adorable.

Edited at 2008-05-14 11:20 pm (UTC)

i got a gift certificate for best buy from the 'rewards' i earn on my credit card. yay buying a box set!

Nice! Enjoy your dvd purchase. :)

its a big decision, many to choose from!

A horribly fandom-related response, but I've converted another friend to Farscape. New Scapers always make me smile.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with fandom-related happiness. :) I have some Season 1 Farscape dvds patiently waiting for me. I bought them on sale a couple years ago, and after watching maybe two episodes, which were good, I promptly forgot to watch the rest. I know I will absolutely adore John/Aeryn, and the show in general is so widely acclaimed. There must be something to it. ;)

It's one of those shows you have to be patient with, and you have to watch from the premiere. You can't skip the bad eps either, unfortunately.
You need to wait until you have the time to sit down and really watch it. It's beautiful, but sad as hell, complex, and crazy. However the ride is all worth it in the end.
It took me years to give into my friends pestering and finally give it a real chance - and I haven't looked back.
I can't recommend it enough, but I also can't stress enough how important watching it in order is.

John and Aeryn are my OTP. Considering how much I ship, that's saying something :0)

The e-mail bomb that exploded in my inbox at work, all of the employees in the field that are sad to see me go and wishing me luck at my new job.

The "Make new friends but keep the old" header that keeps popping up on my Friends page from your earlier post. The Brownie (mini Girl Scout) nostalgia is a nice feeling. :)

I don't usually blow my own horn, but what the hell...! :)

Getting the most wonderful PM from a reader who said that she counted me in with her favourite published authors and that my writing was beautiful, believable and that I'd made her cry it was so emotional. I floated around the lab for the rest of the afternoon I was so flattered. Made my day, let me tell you...

My Kindle arrived yesterday, Thank You George Bush!! And I am thankful for Hulu that lets me re watch Wannabe in the Weeds!!

1. Watching the Detroit/Dallas game.
2. My arms are sore from my work-out yesterday - - but in a good way!
3. I survived the double shift today.

so i just got a drunken phone call from my brother. He is at his senior formal (he graduates from college on Sunday) and he was like "I'm drunk! I will talk to you later little one." and then all of a sudden some girl stole the phone and was like "Hi! chris' sister!" and then i ended up talking to like 18 drunk people haha it was hysterical. My prom is this weekend and they were like "Go straight home after prom! I'm gunna beat your little boyfriends ass if he doesn't treat you right!" These people really don't know me but apparently my brother told them I have prom! The whole thing was just hysterical! I was laughing so hard when i hung up.

I convinced a friend of mine to watch Bones after MONTHS of ranting/talking, and she loves it! She watched the first season and a half in a week. Now I'm happy because I finally have someone who I am friends with who has seen the show and knows what the hell I'm talking about.

* on tuesday I had my ultrasound and thus saw our Baby - biggest smile of my life! Now i really do believe it real.

* on wednesday night my brother and his girlfriend came for dinner and that meant a whole night of just joking around and getting sore jaws from laughing.

Thank you - it's been a long time coming so we are over the moon happy about it.

oh hooray! A baby! Congratulations! That's gotta be a good wednesday. ^.^

Smiling plenty because I've finished final grades for three of the four classes. One more to go! \o/

Hmmm I realized yesterday that my birthday is in less than a month. That definitely made me smile.


Receiving a congrats on graduating law school card from my best friend that said this meant I could move back home now.

I also just want to say I'm a huge fan of your fics and while I'm not good at leaving comments, your fics never fail to move me. Seeing an update never fails to leave a smile on my face, even when the story is enough to make me cry.

Knock, knock...

I came here yesterday looking for this but couldn't see it. LJ must hate me.

-This is being a sort of weird week in some aspects, but a couple days ago, my niece came home to visit and was in a funny mood. I don't like being with her for quite long, but she turned out to be a good company in that moment and we were playing hide and seek for a while. She had spent a few days in Barcelona at her grandparents' and in that time without seeing her, she turned 2 and looked taller. They grow up so fast!!

-I started watching Torchwood just because I loved Cardiff. I wish I liked it, but it keeps making me laugh. Seriously.

Have a great week/weekend.

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