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Fear - lerdo
What the hell is the matter with people?!

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That is ... NO WORD. I can't believe ppl would let that happen! WTF is wrong with people! O:

I clicked and started reading but stopped because there are certain things that hurt me deep.

Kids, mentally handicapped people and animals. Can't conceive the idea of people hurting them. Nobody should be hurted, but those specially touch my soul.

That is just sick. Really, there are no words.

OK, normally I'd say take everything a Conservative rag like the Daily Mail says with a pinch of salt, but I trust Channel 4... words fail me really. Some of those kids are younger than Sophie. WTF is up with their parents for effs sake?!!! :(

(Deleted comment)
Bingo! That's the real question. WTF kinds of parents are they?

Jeez, those parents piss me off.

It was pissing me off so much, I had to stop reading. That's fucking ridiculous! Put the parents in the ring and let them fight it out if they want it to happen so badly!

That is horrible. Disgusting! How could someone DO this?? Seriously; how could you be a parent and willingly force your child to fight like that?

I couldn't even get past the header...

Every time I give my 4yr old a hug, a small part at the back of my mind feels bad for all the kids out there who never get hugs or smiles.

I vote for major smackdown on those 'parents'.

That's horrific. Every time I think the crimes people commit against kids can't get worse..

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