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Bones Icons

1. Don't hotlink.
2. Do give credit and/or comment if you feel like it. It's not necessary, but it's always appreciated.
3. If crediting, please credit only_more_love.

Note: I've been using Photoshop to make fanart and wallpapers for 5+ years, but I've only started making LJ icons recently. So, if my current icons suck, they will hopefully get better! :) A 100 x 100 canvas takes getting used to. If you see something you like, please comment and snag.


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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the reassurance. I'm not quite used to making tiny icon-sized art, but I'm working on it. :) And I hope you enjoy the icons -- however you use 'em.

BTW, nice Hush icon. That was a freaky episode.

They're great! Snagged 4 and 11, will credit if use :)

Thanks for letting me know. Have fun with them. :)

I really like these :) ~ refreshing to see something new as what we get lately as icons (speaking of texture, brushes, etc.)

I'm taking number 010

thanks for sharing

Setje, thanks so much for your kind words and for letting me know you snagged #10. BTW, I will you be emailing you soon for a password for your wonderful DB site. ;) Your name keeps popping up everywhere I see pics of him.

hé not a prob. email me any time , and should I feel being stalked ?! lmfao
if it's in a good sense my name pops up , I'm more then happy LOLOL

LOL Setje, your name pops up only in a good sense. :) It's just that wherever I see gorgeous pics of our favorite Italian, your name or site is credited

Beautious!! Snagged quite a few, will credit when used!


:) You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know you snagged some.

These are great! I took 4, 5, 6, 7, 13 & 16! I'll credit when used. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks for snagging and letting me know that you're doing so. Enjoy!

They deffinately do not suck! I especially love 4, 7, 13 and 14. Excellent job!


Thank you. I love DB's expressions; he's especially fun to cap and manipulate. That sounded really bad, didn't it? ;)

lol only when your mind is in the gutter... which for most of us is always when it comes to him :P


Gorgeous...and I am always so happy when I see anything by you!

Aww, thank you Chrislee. :) LJ has often seemed a bit intimidating to me, but I finally decided just to jump in. I know that sounds ridiculous given that I've had an LJ, albeit a neglected one, for several years now.

so beautiful... #6 made me swoon...


*sigh* He's beautiful, isn't he?

I'm snagging #15. Will give credit ;)

Thanks for letting me know you're taking 15. I'm glad you like it enough to snag it.

For now I saved 004 and 013 to upload later. These are amazing!

I didn't know you made icons until I snooped around your userpics :P I wanted to see who made that icon that said "don't stop" and it was you, but it's not snaggable :P So I'll settle for some of the ones you've decided to share with us, thanks!!


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