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Bones Fic: What Would Happen If We Kissed? (11/?)
Leave Me Hypnotized - lerdo
Title:  What Would Happen If We Kissed? (11/?)
Pairing: Brennan/Booth
Story Rating: R
Word Count:  2,431
This story is set in Season 2, after Episode 11 (Judas on a Pole), though I may have changed the exact month.
Summary: Thoughts of Booth are keeping Brennan awake at night. Question is, what is she going to do about it? This story is set in Season 2, after Episode 11.
Spoilers:  Through 2x11 (Judas on a Pole)
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This story is purely meant to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Many hugs and thanks to doc_3 and tempertemper77 for rereading previous chapters and giving me additional comments when I requested them.  Both of them are fabulous people -- and writers.

I'm stunned and grateful for the feedback people continue to leave for this story. Thank you a thousand times over. :) Whether you're commenting or not, I hope you're enjoying this story.

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Prologue & Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Chapter 10


Another great chapter. You had me going there, when she left, and delighted when she came back. Booth seems to be handling the situation quite well. He needs to tread very lightly, so as not to scare her away.
All in all, as well-done as usual.

another lovely chapter.. great job!

keep them coming :)

Thanks very much; I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter. And my apologies for the belated response to your comment!

Just soooo excellent. Love how you're making them both work at it afterwards. That's reality and it would be them right now if they gave in. They'd have to work at finding where it all fits between them. Wonderful!

Oh, Booth's last line is really great. :D Excellently in-character. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Awesome chapter! Loved that she came back - the girl can't stay away.

But... there's no more.

What do I read now? Huh.

Hi, Iz. I'm really glad you liked this chapter. :) And there is more now. It's here.

Thanks for letting me know what you thought! I appreciate your taking the time to do that.

I love this story. And while I understand that there are a lot of things going on in your life and you are working on thousand other great stories, I keep checking every day for a possible update. Is there hope? ;-)

Hello. Please accept my sincere apologies for this belated response. I'm very happy you enjoyed this story enough to want to read more of it. My daughter's birth squashed much of my free time, but there is always hope. ;)

I just posted an update. You can find the latest chapter here.

Thanks so much for your interest in this story -- and for taking the time to comment. :)

Freakin' Amazing

This story is amazing! I feel like I'm experiencing every emotion that Booth and Bones are. I realize you're entirely busy in RL, but I am on the edge of my seat waiting for a new chapter! :)


Awww... So glad you've enjoyed this fic to this point. :) Sorry it's taken me so long to update, but my daughter's been keeping me busy. There's a new chapter here.

Thanks for making the effort to read & comment; I so appreciate it. :)

I have been reading from the very beginning, and i finally got an lj, so i can comment at long last!!!
this has been my go to wish fulfillment bones/booth fic ever since i found it. i really hope that you update soon, although i understand why you haven't, and i don't want to pressure you or anything ;).
also, even though its been quite a while i still remember that my immediate reaction to the end of this chapter was 'thats a lot of heart booth'

Hi, you. ♥ So sorry for the belated response to your comment. I'm absolutely thrilled that you liked the story to this point! And I so agree with what you said; that IS a lot of heart. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting. If you're interested in reading more, I've posted an update here.

I just read through the first 11 parts of this and I'm a little distressed to discover it goes no further. It's wonderful! Did you abandon it or is it possible we'll see more of it in the future?

Hello, and sincere apologies for my belated response. I'm very happy you enjoyed this story enough to want to read more of it. I didn't abandon it, but my daughter's birth squashed much of my free time. *g* So it's been sitting quietly for some time now. I just updated it. You can find the latest chapter here.

Thanks for your interest -- and for commenting. :)

Beautifully written, loved how he was becoming Mr Grouchy-Pants until she returned. Wonderful characterisation of the both of them!


Nothing with either of these two is ever "just" anything!!

You've got their characters spot on, and their voices are perfect.

Appreciate the update, especially knowing how busy it is for the mom of an active, intelligent, baby.

Hi there! I'm really enjoying this fic, as I've enjoyed all your fics. I've been reading your stories for a long time and I hope you don't mind if I friend you. =)

Hello, and welcome. :) You're a friend of Alanna's, right?

Thank you very much for commenting! I'm happy you've enjoyed some of my stories. I don't mind at all if you add me; I'll add you back in just a minute.