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Bones Wallpaper (from The Verdict in the Story)
Leave Me Hypnotized - lerdo
I loved The Verdict in the Story.  (Now Wannabe, on the other hand, I did not love, but that's a story for another post.) Anyway, I made a wallpaper for the diner scene.

Click here for the 1024 x 768 version.

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very nice; thanks for sharing.

WitW was a ho-hum story, but the ending - shattering.

Little thing: I thought it was interesting that the writers are building up an interesting relationship between Bones and Sweets. I don't mean that in a 'shippy way; I mean that they're spending more screen time together, arguing, etc. I wonder the reason for that.

Also - have you noticed that B/B act differently when Sweets is around? They flirt less, they are more serious, less confiding...

They strike me as cool kids baiting the nerd, which is a bit rich considering Bones' profile and her attitude to Booth's confession about high school hijinks. Maybe they'll get him a Smurfette.

oh, I like this, you are not good only with words!
About "Bones", I really enjoy the show but I don't expect too much from it. I watched Angel about a year ago and I'm still under it's spell, I feel that not many things can compare to it, so I'm happy with what I get.

Nice. Great work.

*looks at it and can see hearts all around the room*

This is gorgeous, you multi-talented woman, you!

I'd love to know the specifics re: not enjoying Wannabe. I sure found a lot not to like too!

Very pretty! Love all the colors, great job! I agree, Wannabe was bleh okay up until the ending.

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