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The Pain in the Heart [Last edited: Tues. morning]

Disclaimer:  As I just said totempertemper77, my head still feels like it's about to explode, and it's already the morning after The Pain in the Heart.  So whatever I write here is subject to change.   Forgive me if I waffle or babble.


What the fuck?

That hurt.

It's going to take me time to digest this episode.    I don't even know if I can be coherent right now.  Is Zack a widow's son?  Though I could certainly be wrong, I thought both his parents were alive. 

So that was Zack in the closet at the end of The Knight on the Grid?  He's the one who killed the lobbyist?

Without hearing what The Master said to persuade Zack to be involved in something so heinous, I don't know that I can even buy that he was The Apprentice -- as the season's been written.  Is this related to his time in Iraq?  PTSD?  It's a daring choice to have Zack be The Apprentice; I just wish we'd had more build-up over the course of this season.   If they were going to go down this road, it would have made sense if they'd showed SOMETHING about how he descended to this place, instead of leaving it so completely up to the viewers' imagination to fill in.

Tamara Taylor really impressed me this episode; the woman was on point.  Her expression when she was reading to Zack in the hospital and was interrupted by Booth and Brennan, broke me.   And what were they trying to say with her line at the end about knowing from the day she met Zack that he would hurt her/cause her pain/break her heart or whatever the exact words were?  Was that a little Cam/Zack shippiness?  If not, what the hell was it?

TJ delivered.  Hodgins knew before anyone else did.  He went to Cam with his findings on lead pipes, and obviously he was aware that Zack lived above his garage.  He pressed Zack's drug drip button just as Zack was about to confess.

Will they delve back into the Gormogon arc next season?  If they don't, I'm not sure they've done this storyline justice.  They crammed a hell of a lot into this one episode.  I've thought it before, and I'm thinking it now:  the writers' strike derailed this season.  As it stands, this episode has left a Deus ex machina taste in my mouth.

The initial hospital scenes with the entire team were great, as were all the Brennan/Zack moments.  They've always had a rather sweet relationship.  Kind of big sister/little brother.  Possibly even mother/son.  At the very least, something a bit more personal than mentor/mentee. If next season the writers don't show Brennan struggling to come to grips with Zack's involvement in all this, I will be very sad. 

I don't always agree with Brennan's  "Shoot first and ask questions later" approach, but Booth totally had it coming when she punched him.  Beyond that, I'm not sure how I feel about the B/B interaction.  I have to think about it a bit more.

OK, so I love Booth and Brennan.  But did we have to have that scene with him in the tub wearing a beer dispensing hat?!  Where was the real Booth, and who was that impostor?  Is DB still playing Seeley Booth, or is he now playing himself?

I'm pissed that we didn't catch even a glimpse of the time during which Brennan and the rest of the team waited to hear about Booth's condition -- or even how they all reacted to the news of his death.  Where's the payoff from Wannabe?  The way the aftermath of his shooting played out felt like cheap emotional manipulation.  Oh, so Booth played dead to catch this national security risk, and we don't even get to find out what this man did?  Give me a fucking break. 

The B/B moment at the end seemed genuine, subtle, and real.  I didn't need it to be over-the-top shippy, and I'm glad they didn't write it that way.  I liked it, and I thought DB and ED sold it.

I HATE Sweets.  I'd been hoping that he'd be Gormogon's last victim, but alas, my dream did not come true.  Anyone who knows I watch Bones, knows I ship Booth/Brennan.  But Sweets is a transparent, shippy, unethical, and totally unnecessary  gimmick.   If they genuinely need a profiler, there must be someone with a BIT more gravitas and believability -- or at least professional ethics.

Whatever music they used during the FBI vs. Gormogon scene was gorgeous.  I want it so I can listen to it over and over again.

*I have edited this post multiple times.
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