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The Pain in the Heart [Last edited: Tues. morning]
Disclaimer:  As I just said totempertemper77, my head still feels like it's about to explode, and it's already the morning after The Pain in the Heart.  So whatever I write here is subject to change.   Forgive me if I waffle or babble.


What the fuck?

That hurt.

It's going to take me time to digest this episode.    I don't even know if I can be coherent right now.  Is Zack a widow's son?  Though I could certainly be wrong, I thought both his parents were alive. 

So that was Zack in the closet at the end of The Knight on the Grid?  He's the one who killed the lobbyist?

Without hearing what The Master said to persuade Zack to be involved in something so heinous, I don't know that I can even buy that he was The Apprentice -- as the season's been written.  Is this related to his time in Iraq?  PTSD?  It's a daring choice to have Zack be The Apprentice; I just wish we'd had more build-up over the course of this season.   If they were going to go down this road, it would have made sense if they'd showed SOMETHING about how he descended to this place, instead of leaving it so completely up to the viewers' imagination to fill in.

Tamara Taylor really impressed me this episode; the woman was on point.  Her expression when she was reading to Zack in the hospital and was interrupted by Booth and Brennan, broke me.   And what were they trying to say with her line at the end about knowing from the day she met Zack that he would hurt her/cause her pain/break her heart or whatever the exact words were?  Was that a little Cam/Zack shippiness?  If not, what the hell was it?

TJ delivered.  Hodgins knew before anyone else did.  He went to Cam with his findings on lead pipes, and obviously he was aware that Zack lived above his garage.  He pressed Zack's drug drip button just as Zack was about to confess.

Will they delve back into the Gormogon arc next season?  If they don't, I'm not sure they've done this storyline justice.  They crammed a hell of a lot into this one episode.  I've thought it before, and I'm thinking it now:  the writers' strike derailed this season.  As it stands, this episode has left a Deus ex machina taste in my mouth.

The initial hospital scenes with the entire team were great, as were all the Brennan/Zack moments.  They've always had a rather sweet relationship.  Kind of big sister/little brother.  Possibly even mother/son.  At the very least, something a bit more personal than mentor/mentee. If next season the writers don't show Brennan struggling to come to grips with Zack's involvement in all this, I will be very sad. 

I don't always agree with Brennan's  "Shoot first and ask questions later" approach, but Booth totally had it coming when she punched him.  Beyond that, I'm not sure how I feel about the B/B interaction.  I have to think about it a bit more.

OK, so I love Booth and Brennan.  But did we have to have that scene with him in the tub wearing a beer dispensing hat?!  Where was the real Booth, and who was that impostor?  Is DB still playing Seeley Booth, or is he now playing himself?

I'm pissed that we didn't catch even a glimpse of the time during which Brennan and the rest of the team waited to hear about Booth's condition -- or even how they all reacted to the news of his death.  Where's the payoff from Wannabe?  The way the aftermath of his shooting played out felt like cheap emotional manipulation.  Oh, so Booth played dead to catch this national security risk, and we don't even get to find out what this man did?  Give me a fucking break. 

The B/B moment at the end seemed genuine, subtle, and real.  I didn't need it to be over-the-top shippy, and I'm glad they didn't write it that way.  I liked it, and I thought DB and ED sold it.

I HATE Sweets.  I'd been hoping that he'd be Gormogon's last victim, but alas, my dream did not come true.  Anyone who knows I watch Bones, knows I ship Booth/Brennan.  But Sweets is a transparent, shippy, unethical, and totally unnecessary  gimmick.   If they genuinely need a profiler, there must be someone with a BIT more gravitas and believability -- or at least professional ethics.

Whatever music they used during the FBI vs. Gormogon scene was gorgeous.  I want it so I can listen to it over and over again.

*I have edited this post multiple times.

I am in total confusion. Seeing the guy who was the one not a lot of people understood and ignored kill someone. I hope that Brennan will go visit him.

Cam was amazing this episode. She showed the compassion between her and Zach. The last couple minutes with her crying were amazing.

I was not pleased about the Booth and Brennan front. It seemed like they cut a lot of stuff out.

This episode wasn't one of my favorites. The storyline seemed really rushed and they needed to cram everything in. If we could have had more episodes, it would've been better. The writer's strike just caused many problems in the storyline.

Tamara Taylor really impressed me this episode. Her expression when she was reading to Zack in the hospital and was interrupted by Booth and Brennan broke me.

Best scene in what was a horrifically written episode. And I mean horrifically.

BTW, your initial comment is the same as my initial comment in my post about this episode.

Seems to be an echo in here.

There was some top-notch acting in this episode.

BTW, your initial comment is the same as my initial comment in my post about this episode.

Seems to be an echo in here.

*g* I'm shocked to hear that.

(Deleted comment)
the strike mulligan

You know, I would, but it was so badly written that I just can't give them a pass on this... It's not the storyline that bothers me so much as the execution.

That script was awful.

(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
I'm right there with you girl... I'm still in shock and I can't quite believe they went this route. I'm hoping that we get more closure about this story come next season because it all feels too unresolved as is. I know this was supposed to be a two-parter that they were forced to cut to one thanks to the writers strike but they should have just left it for next season if they didn't have the time to deal with it properly. As for B/B... wtf!? I was really annoyed how they dealt with last weeks fallout, it felt like we were cheated.

Having said all that, the cast was still great. I was terribly happy to see Bones knock out Booth (I would have loved to have a shot at the writers myself) but Tamara was the real standout that episode, she was fantastic.

I know this was supposed to be a two-parter that they were forced to cut to one thanks to the writers strike


That explains a lot... Doesn't justify it, but it certainly explains it.

Total non-sequitur... There's a theory over on the TWoP boards that this is all a "dream" sequence... Given the way Booth fades out at the end of Wannabe and his miraculous recovery from the gunshot wound (which wasn't addressed at all), it's possible.

(Deleted comment)

(translation: still speechless.)

*joins you in speechlessness*

I agree, if you're gonna make it the person least expected amongst the supporting characters, you'd better make it good.

I hate Sweets. I wanted Brennan to punch him the whole entire episode, even before Booth justified it. I don't need him to analyze every little thing, my brain can do that just fine, thank you.

Yes, Tamara Taylor was amazing, and that scene got to me more than anything else, even more than Brennan with Zack during his confession. Everyone brought their A game: Cam, Hodgins, Angela, Bren, and of course Zack. I based my entire belief that Hodgins could not be the apprentice on that one look he gave Zack at the hospital when Angela told him they loved him.

Bones can do so much better than this, though.

I based my entire belief that Hodgins could not be the apprentice on that one look he gave Zack at the hospital when Angela told him they loved him.

Totally! That is the exact same thing I first thought when Sweets said Hodgins. And later, in the scene where he spooked Cam (loved the creepy Hodgins red herrings btw) once they were talking, he had this barely restrained panic and worry thing in his eyes, that people could consider him a suspect. Totally fab acting.

I'm going to go out on a limb by myself here I think, but I actually liked the B&B in this. I won't disagree that it was rushed and obviously butchered thanks to the strike, but what David and Emily did with what they had to work with was excellent.

I agree totally about Tamara - she really earned my respect in this. She was supposed to be a temporary character and instead has made this role her own.

I hate Sweets. His character has gone from mildly annoying/amusing to totally grating on my last nerve.

I'm not ready to talk about Zack and/or losing Eric. I need to digest (grieve).

(Deleted comment)
And I thought only Gormagon had to be a Widow's son, not his apprentice.

The whole point of these master-apprentice relationships is that the apprentice eventually takes over for the master, so if Gormagon is really supposed to be a widow's son, then it makes sense that his apprentice would be, as well.

And I hate that it was rushed, but I think Hart really explained that well in a recent interview and it's not their fault because of the strike and all they had to condense it.
I'm not willing to give Hart or any of the producers a pass with this explanation. It is ENTIRELY their fault that this storyline was rushed, because everyone and their dog knew that the WGA's contract with the producers was going to expire this fall and that there was going to be a work stoppage. Nobody forced them to start this kind of storyline this season.

I have to agree with everything you've said here.

I was hoping it was Sweets. I really didn't want it to be Zack. Especially after last week's singing.

There was just too much out of character this week.

"I don't always agree with Brennan's "Shoot first and ask questions later" approach, but Booth totally had it coming when she punched him."

Amen sista. He so had it coming. After all the rules and laws (New Orleans anyone?) he's broken for her and he can't do that one tiny thing? I wanted to punch him.

I would have taken an entire episode of her punching him (or punching Sweets for that matter) over what we got.


This ep was all over the place - from the straight from fanfic funeral (2 weeks after the shooting? And where was Parker, anyway), the bathroom scene (which, while fun, went on too long and would have made more sense if it had taken place at the diner or even the lab) to the grad students being way too pleased with themselves.

Sweets was more annoying than usual - and he wasn't a victim, damn it! Someone kill him please. and I feel cheated that we didn't get to see him in cuffs.
Everyone really stepped up - I even felt sorry for Cam for a change. Hodgins and the painkillers scene - a red herring but it still creeped me out a bit.
Angela talking to Brennan at the beginning had me near tears.
Caroline - seemed a little bit of her went a long way tonight. Which is a pity.
B&B seemed a bit off - no fall out from him actually being shot. She rationalized Sweets way to fast, I thought. And her scene with Zack - the whole touching foreheads thing seemed OOC but her heartbreak at having not ever given him anything was well done.
Booth - him trying to get her to hit Sweets was funny. But DB seemed to step back tonight.

Not the best season ender but it really left far too many questions.
I can't really blame this on the strike - 1 show was from season 2, a couple show were already done before the strike even started. They could have dropped something else and made this a 2-parter so they could have properly explained everything.


Damn it being my turn to go get pizza and me running late. I came in and Booth was in his uniform with all the buttons undone and it took a minute to decide if he was alive, dead, or having an out of body experience or just existing in Brennan's head.

I'm in such total and complete shock over it being Zach. I cannot even force my brain to comprehend it. I've been thinking for weeks that it was Sweets. I just knew it. I could have almost bought it being Hodgins before Zach. Our Zach. THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. FRIGGIN WRITERS STRIKE. *FLAILS*

/capslock abuse. I'm with you. We need follow up on this next season. Like we need it something fierce.


You can watch the episode online here.

*joins you in flailing and being shocked*

I was disappointed with this episode on so many fronts I can't even list them all. I agree that the acting was excellent but the writing sucked.

What the F!

I usually don't comment on anything...I am a born lurker. But this episode and this thread makes me want to step out of the shadows and say somethings.

1) Zack is not a Widow's son. In season one, "the man in the fallout shelter," they show his HUGE family and if I am correct you see his father and mother standing in the front of the group. Of course, it could be argued that it was never said that his father was actually alive.

2) I am no expert, but I have looked and re-looked and paused and studied the end of "the knight..." (as I'm sure many are doing at this point) and it doesn't look like Zach. The guy looks much younger, early to mid 20's. I don't know how old Zach is, but I picture him in his late 20s, early 30s. Look at it, decide for yourselves.

3) I NEVER thought Zach was of a weak mind. He was odd, yes, but I thought his view on life was strong. Specifically because of his love of logic. Debate me if you wish, it is simply my opinion.

4) Will they please have sex already!!! She's seen him naked now, it's the logical next step. On another note, WTF?!?! I don't care how riled up he gets, Booth would NEVER stand up *naked* in front of Bones. He isn't even comfortable saying the word "sex" in front of her, let alone exposing himself. I did, however, laugh at the fact that she didn't look down but instead offered to get him a towel.

5) I appreciate the plight of the writers and they're need for compensation. I do. I swear. But they totally f-ed us over! Too many things happening in one episode.

6) I was actually praying/hoping that Gormogon was Sweets, or Sweets was Gormogon...however you want to say it. That way it would have been someone we weren't invested in, someone who hasn't been here that long, and someone who is annoying.

I have more, but I will stop. Sorry for taking up so much of your space. I couldn't stay quiet for this.