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The Pain in My Heart: A Ramble

Disclaimer:  I'm posting this because it's my journal, and I wanted to vent.  If someone happens to read this post and wants to debate my opinions and explain how The Pain in the Heart was, in fact, a brilliant episode, please don't do it.  I'm not up for that right now, and that's not the purpose of this post.  But if you'd like to commiserate, feel free.

Cobbled together from comments I've left in various peoples' journals:

I'm more sad than I thought possible about Eric Millegan.  On an intellectual level, I know that these things happen -- people write shitty stories, and people get fired -- but I'm heartbroken about what they've done to such a class act. The show just won't be the same without him. I hope he'll soon find other projects where he'll be allowed to use his talents in a way they weren't used on Bones.

I so want to send him a message of support through his website, but every time I think about it my eyes well up; I'll do it soon. I know I sound melodramatic, but I'm being totally honest: on a human level, these events sadden me so much. This all hit me unexpectedly hard.

On a story level, I don't have any words left. If they were going to do this to Zack -- hell, to the entire fucking team -- they owed it to all of them to write it better. Take a look at this Hart Hanson quote, pulled from this article:  "In my interview with exec producer Hart Hanson, Hanson said he was expecting a 'violent reaction' from fans. But here he further explains why they chose to make Zack the apprentice: 'We had gone pretty much as far as we could with that character.'"

THAT'S how he wants to justify this? They couldn't have delved into his time in Iraq, for example? Weak excuse, weak writing. If you're going to do this, OWN it.  In my opinion, they didn't. 

It's a TV show; I get that. It's not "real." I've never even written Zack before. But he matters. You grow to care about these characters... That's the power of a good story. And Bones has told some good stories to this point. Why cheapen this particular one?

Don't even get me started on Booth and Brennan. I love them. I love this show. But turning Bones into the B & B comedy and couples' counseling hour is not going to make it a better show -- no matter what co-producer David Boreanaz says.

*slinks back to corner to resume being disheartened*
Tags: bones, episode thoughts, rambling

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