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Wednesday Smiles
Perfect Imperfections - unexpectedbox
*cracks knuckles*

Friends, lurkers, and any random people who happen to see this, if you feel like it, tell me what made you smile this week.  The reason is the same as it's always been here:  I think it is far too easy to get caught up in the stresses, big and small, that we all experience.   Being able to focus on one positive thing, however small, can give one a valuable sense of perspective.

For me, I've got a big ol' smile on because of fandom.  I love it all -- the wank, the unnecessary characterization of people as "good fans" or "bad fans," the fic, the art, the meta, the het, the slash, the outrage, and the squee.  The goddamn, motherfucking passion.   Love it. 

There's a place for all of us crazies, and its name is fandom.   *pets*

(Deleted comment)
That brought a smile on my face.

Then I'm thrilled. :)

And the fact I am off to pick my friend up at the airport for Indy, IKEA, and Sheryl.

So tipsy's out! Have fun, and try not to hurt yourself. *g* Sorry, I couldn't resist. I poke fun only because I manage to inflict minor damage upon myself with alarming frequency.

Started a new job on wednesday. Money makes me smile ;-)

I got the results from my final exams this week. They are not that bad. And my prom dress arrived the same day *squees* Big smile =D

Stressed at work, dissapointed to death with a show... what else do I have?

Yesterday I met my niece in the street with her stuffed Pocoyó in her hands. She told me he won't let her sleep because he's crying all night. Just trying to fool us because she never lets anyone sleep. ;)

May I say I loved the vegetable soup I just made and had for dinner? Simple pleasures after a hard work day make my day.

The fandom will save all of us.


Booth wearing army uniform!!! I have a crush on men with uniform *lol*
Perhaps it's the only good thing of "The Pain In The Heart".

And I'm going to go to the cinema on Friday. Indiana Jones!!! Yay! I'm so excite.


I'm taking thursday and friday off -- so I've been smiling all day, knowing that tomorrow, I'll be cruising to virginia beach (to see the family) with the windows down and NOT at work. :)

...fandom is pretty passionate...gotta watch out for us crazies. ;)


My 9 month old made fishy faces for the first time... that def made me smile!
And 3-day weekend coming up... yeah, there's a smile too!

Yay for babies and their fishy faces.

And 3-day weekend coming up... yeah, there's a smile too!

Oh yeah!

Not much smiling this week but I made an effort for you.

Me: So who can name any of the plays Shakespeare wrote?
Year 8 student: Robin Hood?

I laughed later.

Oh, Sara. *gives you a hug* :(

Me: So who can name any of the plays Shakespeare wrote?

Year 8 student: Robin Hood?

I laughed later.

After you had an apoplectic fit, right? *g*

The goddamn, motherfucking passion. Love it.

This... This made me smile.

One more day of preschool!!!! Also end of the year music program is FINISHED!!!!;)...*preschool teacher dances off*

I'm smiling because:

1. now that the Bones finale is over, perhaps we can all relax, read/write some fanfic, and things will be cooler and better in the Fall.

2. I've posted all the final grades and ASAP I finish the annual report, I'll be finished for the academic year.

3. The husband and I have been having such fun discussions about the season's finale of Bones, and the B/B. It led me to reading The Husband a couple of pages of a book I've been reading by the Dalai Lama. (and isn't that neat?)

4. I thought to make a stew last night, and do not have to cook today. :-)

5. Fandom - the whole online variation from pissed off to happy, from X-Files to BtVS, AtS, Bones and BL.

Well, on the downside, I had surgery yesterday, but I got to spend today at home recovering which was sort of fun -- felt a little like playing hooky. And I went to a bookstore with my mom to get out of the house.

Smiling kind of wryly at myself today for staying up the whole of last night 'cause I got completely caught up in the writings of a ff author I'd just 'discovered'! Completely amazed that I managed to make it through work today :S

I hope I got it right this time! ARRRGH!

Your What Would Happen If We Kissed fic is making me smile. I just finished chapter 9, so I hope you post more after 11 soon! It's fun! :-)

Let's see...

Wind Symphony rehearsal and all the fellowship I experience there made me smile.

The fact that I heard back within the hour from Trillian's customer service, even though I don't have the Pro version, made me smile.

sevendeadlyfun's comment on not having the New Kids on the Block new song on her iTunes made me smile.

The ongoing discussion in Simply David Only continues to make me smile.

The fact that I'm going to a fan media convention all weekend this long holiday weekend has had me smiling for the last 2 weeks!

I am smiling because I am revisiting an old fandom this week! The Pretender!! Old epis on hulu, the movies on youtube, and MP/J fanfiction!!!! I can't get enough.