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a question
So I've heard folks say that X is a good storyteller but a bad writer -- and vice versa.  Who, in your mind, is both a good storyteller AND a good writer?  Who's a good storyteller but a sucky writer?  Who's a good writer or stylist but a not-so-good storyteller?  Do these distinctions make sense to you?

* For the purpose of this post feel free to mention any person who writes fanfiction, nonfiction, fiction, or poetry.

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Thanks for posting this video-it's encouraging me to keep it up too! :)

I've never read Crichton -- he's Mr. Jurassic Park, right?

I think that tends to be my greatest shortcoming, as well--I've got a couple of novels fully storyboarded now, and every time I come back to them and review the plot, they look great, but whenever I start writing, it just feels awful and stilted and dull.

Been there, done that, am still there. Very rarely does what we put down on paper match the vision in our heads. But we can edit, polish, and rework. You haven't asked for my opinion, but I'm going to give it to you anyway: if you want to write, write. Don't let your inner editor stop you.

I'm a huge believer in what Ira Glass said in that YouTube clip. Thanks for the link, by the way. Not everyone will agree with this opinion, but I believe writing is a craft; as with any craft, I'll improve with practice.

I can recall a sucky writer that my friends and I use to laugh out loud at when meeting. We just print the fics and read them out loud.

For some reason, her imagination is to envy, but her orthography, grammar, style... everything is THAT lame.

I prefer not to say the name, furthermore it's all in Spanish. OMG if it was in her LAMER English... ;)

Who's a good storyteller but a sucky writer?

George Lucas.

I absolutely LOVE Laurell K. Hamilton as a storyteller, but every once in a while I just stop reading and say, "OMG! I could write better than this #$%^!" Now, don't get me wrong--I will still get her next book and read it like a junkie who has gone too long between fixes--just can't wait for my next mainline of LKH! But really, it's not even a little bit literary. At all.

I never thought I'd say it, but enough with the Anita smut already. If only lkh would spend more time working on her writing skills and less time researching sex (she's admitted to owning many books on the subject)! And her smut isn't even that good, it's all the same now, and it's dull.
I miss the good ol' days when the AB books actually had a plot.

glad it's not just me who thinks so

This may seem odd, but I think "good writing" is often sacrificed for plot and vice versa. It isn't often that both can coexist (for the lack of a better word)-- "good plots" are for the most part fast-paced, and that particular style of writing would hinder plot development. I'm taking "good" to be what is considered exciting and a good read nowadays, and subtle, slow development and writing do not seem to be among them, judging by the bestseller list.

I'm not saying there aren't any books/fanfiction around that don't contain both, but they're a minority. (I hope I don't sound too cynical.)

I'd say sezzie_dee has them both, though most of her fic might lean towards writing rather than plot, I think ad pondus omnium does both. You can do both, too, and very well. I'm jealous, because most of the writing I do is without any real plot. It goes without saying that I admire people who can plot brilliantly.

Thank you for posting this-- it's always good to have ten minutes of uninterrupted thought.

A good storyteller captures the reader and immerses them within the story and keeps them until the end. A good writer can not only tell the story but do it very well. The words are carefully selected and correct for the placement. A writer can be a good technical writer and storyteller, but the reader has to be smart enough to know good writing when they see it. (like yours) :)

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I love a good story, but if it's not beta'd, if there are grammatical errors, spelling errors, typing errors, I'll stop reading, regardless of how exciting the plot.

How many errors? If there are more than three errors on a page, I generally stop reading.

I know, I know: I have about 3,000 fics recced on my LJ, but still: I don't rec every fic I read. There's one Bones fanfic writer who's a terrific storyteller, but whom I've recced maybe once. Reason? She doesn't proof-read her stories. It's annoying to read a story and have to stop periodically and mentally correct grammar, spelling, etc.

In the Bones fandom, I am particularly fond of your work - you can tell a story AND you can write. Same for newscaper, rollsofrice, and labsquint, to name a few.

In the BtVS/AtS fandom, I am particularly fond of the storytelling and writing of about one dozen writers - who "represent" various 'ships. In that fandom, I really don't care much about the 'ship - it's the story - the possibilities - that interest me.

I've noticed some storytellers whose writing is okay, but wow! the plots are fabulous. The reverse is true, as well.

I don't like to mention the names of my favorites or my not-so favorites; I'm sure to forget someone and then I'll feel dreadful about it.

Incidentally, the book I'm finishing up has a chapter on the fanfic reading habits of Buffy and Angel fans, so I don't want to really get into that here. :-)

But if pressed...Tesla's work spans BtVS, AtS, X-Files, Bones, Firefly, and House; SpikeNdru writes mostly in the BtVS fandom, but has worked/works in other fandoms as well.

Wow...just too many to name, and now I'll be embarrassed that I didn't include someone.....

I love a good story, but if it's not beta'd, if there are grammatical errors, spelling errors, typing errors, I'll stop reading, regardless of how exciting the plot.

I'm the exact same way, and I've had friends tell me that either I'm too picky, or I'm fickle. :P

JK Rowling. She has good ideas, but her writing is horrific.
I know I'm one of the few who feel this way, but I honestly cannot stand reading her HP books. Every time I try I just want to spoon my eyes out from the pain of it.

I've heard people say this, but I haven't ever felt that way when reading JKR. What is it specifically that makes you want to gouge your eyes out?

I don't want to start a war with any fans of hers here, and I've ranted enough about her on my own LJ.
I'm simply not a fan of her writing, and I think it's best if I leave it at that :0)

I can't say reading her books are painful, as I've spent long sleepless nights trying to find out what happens next, but I agree that her imagination is wonderful. Her characterizations though often leave a lot to be desired. The potential is there, I just feel she doesn't execute it as well as she could.

I think that John Berendt is both a fabulous storyteller & writer. I LOVE Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (and if you've seen the movie, don't let it put you off of reading the book), and I have just checked out The City of Falling Angels to read. LOFF him!

Jo Rowling is one of my favorite authors for her storytelling abilities and a good writer. I have read small things other than Harry Potter which shows here ability.

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