No need to be anybody but oneself. (only_more_love) wrote,
No need to be anybody but oneself.

Bones Fanpoetry: REM

Title: REM
Spoilers: For The Pain in the Heart.
Timeline: Set after The Pain in the Heart.
Character: Temperance Brennan
Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.
Notes: This is my first (and perhaps my last) venture into fanpoetry.  *g*  Forgive me; I couldn't resist playing in a different sandbox.

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She dreams:

Scarlet silk rivers slip
through trembling fingers--

Come on, Booth.

Warm hands breathe
against cool glass


Eyes shaded like dirt
and old blood blink back--

I'm sorry.

A car coughs;
snow stutters from a barren sky--

Silent night, holy night
Come back, please.

Daylight grasps her
shoulder, shaking her free
from Morpheus' embrace.

Tags: bones, bones:poetry
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