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(no subject)

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(Deleted comment)
*points at your icon* Yes, that.

The Winnah!!

(and it only cost how many million $$$? I tell you, we should do it the way it's done in Israel [caps on the money, caps on the time, caps on the energy.])

Next up: the VP....

I agree that the process is ridiculous and wasteful.

Next up: the VP....

Very interested to see how that shakes out.

I can't vote in this election (I'm Canadian), but oh the glee that filled my heart last night! This is so good, so exciting.

If only my country's political scene had someone on the horizon worth getting even remotely excited about.

As a fellow Canadian, I second that. We're stuck between a scary place and a bland face. *sigh*

Yay, Obama!!

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