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More Bones icons
Teaser for Bones icons:

1. Don't hotlink.
2. Do not edit icons.
3. Do give credit and/or comment if you feel like it. It's not necessary, but it's always appreciated.
4. If crediting, please credit only_more_love.
5. Friend or defriend as you like. :) I promise I don't bite.


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Will Credit. I'm taking the tap it one, because OMG. ♥

I'll admit that one makes me snicker every time I look at it. :D

Thanks for letting me know you're snagging it.

*falls over from laughter* Icon # 4 is awesome!!! That's great. I'm snagging a couple and I will credit you when I use them. *big grin*

I'm so glad I'm not the only who loves that icon. :)

Take whatever you want and enjoy them. And thanks for commenting!

LMAO looove #4 - Taking that plus a few others. Thank youuu! :)

You're very welcome. Thanks for commenting! :)

Some amazing icons! Snagging a bunch, great work =)

Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy them.

These are great! Snagging 5 and 13 will credit when I use :)

Thanks so much for commenting. Enjoy the icons.

Wandered on by looking for icons, and I'm totally snagging #4. I'll make sure to credit you in my keywords, too. Good job! :)

(Deleted comment)
hi there. Found this from your fanfiction info... decided to check it out. Can I take number four? Will credit, of course. I absolutely adore that! :) and your fictions!


btw, I'm mightjustbe on fanfiction--in case you were wondering

Hi, C/mightjustbe. :) Nice to see you here, too. Of course you can take #4. Use it and enjoy it as you see fit.

And thank you; I'm having a blast writing Bones ficlets. Glad to know someone besides me is reading them. ;)

I must snag #4.

That's awesome!

Glad you like. Booth and Brennan are so silly sometimes. ;)

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