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What is wrong with people?
Ok, a little background info. I work for a publisher of all kinds of women's fiction. Due to a recent reorganization, I was moved to the "inspirational" (read: Christian) line. I'm not Christian or religious at all, but I don't have a problem working on this line. Well, today I was opening some mail, and I came across the lovely letter excerpted below:

Dear Editor,

I usually enjoy your books, but I was sorry to see that in [Blah Blah Blah] by [Some Author] you approve of women pastors. They are not Scriptural, as women are told not to usurp authority over men in the church. (I Timothy 2:11,12)

Please avoid controversial stands. I will be more careful in the future about buying your books.

Three words: what the fuck? What century are we in, anyway? Heck yeah, you SHOULD be more careful about which books you buy. Nobody forced you to buy that book, just like no one forces people to watch movies they might find offensive. And lady, it's FICTION, as in NOT REAL. Some people have way too much time on their hands. My friend, who used to work on this line, warned me that I'll also be seeing letters from people complaining about books in which female characters show their ankles or *GASP,* wear SHORTS! Imagine that....

OK, I have to drag myself to the gym before Angel comes on. This rant might continue later.

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Lerdo! You edit Christian fic? Oh My God! Now I am really blushing about what I sent you earlier today.

I, myself, am a heathen...organized religion bugs me...

Of course, I may just have to send you more and more smut...just to counteract the crap( no offence intended) you'll be reading all day. Trust me, there'll be alot more than ankles showing...


LOL Hi, Chris. Well, I'm an editorial assistant on a Christian fiction line. Our company publishes romances, general women's fiction, thrillers, Christian stuff, etc. Up until January, I actually worked on a pretty sexy line. Then our company was reorganized, and I was put on the Christian line. Same boss, but different line. I'm a heathen, too, so it isn't really my cup of tea. But I'm ok with working on Christian books even if my personal beliefs are anything BUT Christian.

*very big grin* Yes, please send me more smut. If it's along the lines of what you sent me today, I'm in for a big treat.

Tori Amos concert tomorrow night, so I'm off to bed now. Talk to you later, Chris.

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