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Bones Drabble: Hemorrhage In My Hands
Uriah  - lerdo
Written for last_archangel for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Hemorrhage In My Hands
Fandom:  Bones
Characters:  Hodgins, Angela
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  Oblique references to The Pain in the Heart.
Timeline:  Set after The Pain in the Heart.
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  None.  last_archangel just requested Hodgins/Angela.
Notes:  Keeping this to 100 words was tough.

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Hemorrhage In My Hands

Jack slides from beneath Angela’s arm, escaping his dark bedroom.

In the kitchen he considers taking two beers up to Zack’s apartment.  Remembering, he pulls onions from the pantry instead.

Papery skin gives way; Jack makes the first cut.  

As the Syn-propanethial-S-oxide hits his eyes, tears well.  

“What’re you doing?” 

Her sleep-slurred voice snares his attention, but the blade keeps moving.  “Making onion quiche.”  He barely falters when the knife kisses flesh.

“It’s 3:00 in the morning.”  Warm fingers clasp his wrist.  “Jack, stop.  You’re bleeding.”

Jack stares at their hands.  “I never taught him to drive.”

Angela's fingers tighten.

Aw... :(

Excellent writing, sad as it is.

Thank you. I had hoped you would like it.

And yes, it is sad. A lot of what I've written lately has been like that. Someone on FF.net commented that it's like Zack died, and we're all mourning him. I think she may be right. It's almost like I'm stuck at The Pain in the Heart and can't get unstuck enough to write something a bit lighter. It's not as if I'm personally unhappy or going through a rough time.

Drabbles are usually hit or miss with me. That said, this is incredibly powerful for such a short piece. Nicely done.

Then I'm thrilled this drabble was a hit for you. :) Thank you for the feedback.

Very nice. I think the writers should explore more Hodgins and Angela, they're underrated. This captures perfectly their concern and angst.

Thanks, G. The show writers could certainly delve more deeply into Hodgins and Angela's relationship.

Edited at 2008-06-07 03:01 pm (UTC)

I love how many metaphors you used and just the tactile quality of this fic, makes it pack a punch even though it's short!

Thank you very much; I'm thrilled you thought this had a "tactile quality."


You know that I'm such a huge fan of drabbles. They take great skill and patience -- and oh, what you do with 100 words.

He barely falters when the knife kisses flesh. Lovely imagery!

I can't wait to see the rest of the requests!

Thank you, lovey.

*blinks innocently at you* Don't you think you should snag this meme?

Oh Hodgins. This fic makes me ache for him. I'm really curious to see how, or really if, the writers deal with Zack's absence from Hodgin's life. I feel like it was touched on a bit in The Titan on the Tracks with the Hodgins/Brennan "Zack is irreplaceable" conversation. And now I'm waaaaay off track. :)

Anyways, lovely drabble darling. Can't wait to read some of the other prompts.

And now I'm waaaaay off track.

Not at all! Your comments were totally relevant. I join you in being curious about how the writers will deal with the hole that Zack's absence will leave in Hodgins' life.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting; I appreciate hearing what you thought.


Jack is this gazillionaire, who could've called the cook to whip something up, but who has to do this HIMSELF; has to feel the tears from the onion, because it's the tears he wants, not the onion quiche.

So Jack... I think the fallout will make for a very interesting season 4, no?

...it's the tears he wants, not the onion quiche.

I love how deeply you read. Thank you.

So Jack... I think the fallout will make for a very interesting season 4, no?

*crosses fingers* I certainly hope so!

Jack stares at their hands. “I never taught him to drive.”

So beautifully done :)

*weeps because of your icon*

Thank you, sweetie.

Beautiful! I loved all the imagery in this, it paints such a vivid, sad picture! I absolutely LOVE the way you write Angela/Hodgins, it so well shows their love for one another without using a lot of words! Lovely way of getting so much emotion into such a short space :)

I never taught him to drive
Awwwww. So sad :(

Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts with me; I'm glad you thought this captured sadness and love.

I think Hodgins (and Angela) have to be struggling with the Apprentice reveal. :( Let's see how the show deals with that next season...

This is beautiful. I really believe that Hodgins is going to carry the MOST guilt of all of them and he's such a softie. So sad.

Thank you! Hodgins doesn't have any living blood relatives left; I'm convinced he considers Zack family, and with him locked up in a psych. facility, that's NOT going to be easy for him. I don't know whether the show will show the repercussions in any depth, but from a character perspective, Hodgins has to take it hard.

I think that was one of the best drabbles you have ever written.

I'm glad you liked it. :) Thanks very much for commenting.

Done beautifully. I am in absolute awe. These are one hundred words not wasted, one hundred words put to absolute use.

Being the metaphor freak that I am, I was struck by the use of onions in this fic. Onions make you cry; he chooses them so his tears are "chemically induced" and little more. And the notion of layer after layer without a real core-- pointlessness/hopelessness -- powerfully brilliant.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Metaphors are fun. ;)

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

But that's one of the best parts of reading fiction. I'm glad that you read this so deeply -- and that you enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. ♥

Fantastic. I know Hodgins will be the one to tear himself to pieces over Zach and I truly hope we get to see some of that.

“I never taught him to drive.”

so heartbreaking, and I didn't think my heart could break anymore!


Oh, thank you! I'm glad this rent your heart just a little more.

I know Hodgins will be the one to tear himself to pieces over Zach and I truly hope we get to see some of that.