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Bones Drabble: Heaven or Hell
B&W B/B - lerdo
Written for kinseyjo for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Heaven or Hell
Fandom:  Bones
Pairing:  Booth/Brennan in an established romantic relationship.
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  Oblique reference to 2x16: The Boneless Bride in the River
Timeline:  Set in the not-too-distant future ;)
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  "Brennan/Booth, this line: 'Are you ever sorry you picked me over him?'" & "if you make my drabble smutty and funny i'll be ok with that."
Honey, I did the best I could in 100 words.  *wipes forehead*

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With temperatures in the mid-90s, D.C. had morphed into hell.  Not that Booth minded much.

Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, he watched a boyshorts-clad Brennan run cold water over her hands.  

“What do ya say we take a vacation, Bones?”

“I never went to El Brujo—”

“I was thinking the beach.”  Moving behind her, he slipped his hand underneath her wife-beater.  “I’ve never seen you in a bikini.”

“Perhaps a trip to the Caribbean…”  Her eyes danced.

“No.”  Scowling, Booth thumbed her nipple and watched her eyes close.

“Bedroom.  Now.”

Booth smiled.  “That we can agree on."

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Yes, I am indeed in MD. I'm so happy the heat finally broke.

Although, why Booth wouldn't care (getting Brennan in a bikini or no) is beyond my comprehension.

*g* For Booth, Brennan in boyshorts and a wifebeater might compensate for the heat. Not to mention Booth's an ex-Ranger who served in the Gulf.

As for the fic, I liked it, but am I forgetting something as to why Booth would veto the Caribbean? Is that where Sully was heading? I got a little lost.

Yes. This drabble hinges on knowing that Sully sailed off into the Caribbean and asked Brennan to go there with him.

Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

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