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Bones friends-only banners
Bones Friendship - lerdo
I had trouble falling asleep last night, so I made some Bones-related friends-only banners.  You can see them below the cut.  More to come.


♥ Credit.
♥ Comment -- if you feel like it.
♥ Don't edit.
& no hotlinking.  That means you need to save whatever banner(s) you like to your own host before posting it in your journal.  If you need a host, Photobucket.com is a good and free one. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

*If you would like a smaller banner, different text, or no text, let me know.  I'd be happy to make any of those changes for you.













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These are all so great. Love #3! Excellent work!

I love all of them, but #4 and #12 are like sldkjflkñasjd, I mean, awsome. ;)

Great work, thanks for sharing.

They are great. The last one's my favorite. Really great work.

I'm so daft at this LJ stuff... still don't know how to post a picture on my home page!
Why do you need a friends only banner anyway?!?
I love these though... #3 is my fave, but only cause I see B&B as *more* than friends! ;)

Why do you need a friends only banner anyway?!?

Some people don't like the world reading their journal so they have it that only their friends can read it. The banner is used to say that it is friends only and to comment if you have similar interests.

All of them are beautiful but my favourite is the first one. They are so smiling ♥ ♥ ♥


Aw, they're beautiful! Especially love #3.

No 2 is lovely, I'm developing a real soft spot for Tamara Taylor (which isn't saying much as I think she's been fab since she first turned up!)

No 3 is almost encouraging me to make my journal 'friends only' so I have an excuse to use it...

These are great, thanks so much for sharing.

These are beautiful cherie :)

These are beautiful. I've snurched #10 :0)

This is me appreicating the Brennan/Cam FO banner. Hee!

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