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Bones Drabble: Endless
B/B Across the Table
Written for makd for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Endless
Fandom:  Bones
Characters:  Brennan, Booth, Cam
Rating:  PG or K
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  For 3x15: The Pain in the Heart
Timeline:  Set shortly after 3x15: The Pain in the Heart
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  "Cam, a necklace, and B/B"

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Brennan finds Booth seated beside her.  She didn’t hear him enter, but then she’s felt a constant buzz of distraction since—

 “I brought you something.”  Booth extends his palm.  

Pewter glints; Brennan’s breath stutters.  “Why?”

 “Angela told me you threw out Jasper and Brainy when you thought I was dead.”


“It’s OK.  I understand.”  He raises an eyebrow.  “Take it.”

“It’s a Celtic knot.” Slowly, she reaches for the pendant hanging from black cord.

He shrugs.  “I just thought you’d like it.”

A knock sounds; Cam stands in the doorway.  Her gaze flickers between them.  “I’ll come back.”

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ooh. See Icon. For ME? A fic from MY prompt? [blushes with joy.]

I love the idea of the Celtic knot; It's tribal -which she loves, and there's that whole "eternity" symbolism.

Also: Cam realizing the private moment between them - and her realization/acceptance of them as a unit.

No, thank you, my dear. Initially I had no clue what I was going to write for this prompt, but then it clicked. I love your prompts. I just posted a drabble in response to another one. Consider this an open invitation to leave me prompts whenever you feel like it. Really. *hugs*

I'm so happy you enjoyed this, and that you got the significance of all the little pieces that I couldn't elaborate on because of the length restriction.

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