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Bones Drabble: Debits and Credits
B&W B/B - lerdo
Written for makd for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Debits and Credits
Fandom:  Bones
Characters:  Brennan, Sully
Rating:  PG or K
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  Really vague references to The Boneless Bride in the River and The Pain in the Heart.
Timeline:  Set shortly after 3x15: The Pain in the Heart
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  Brennan and Sully re-meet shortly after The Pain in the Heart.

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Brennan sipped her coffee, eyes closed as she savored the fragrant brew.


Her eyes snapped open.  “Sully.”  She looked up to see his familiar smile.  “When did you get back?”


Honoring their history, she slid from the booth.  They hugged; when his head tilted, she turned so his lips found her cheek. 

Sully pulled back, brown eyes edged with disappointment.  

“You look well,” she said, observing his bronzed skin. 

”You don’t.  Are you happy, Tempe?”

Thinking of another pair of brown eyes, considering what she’d gained and lost, Brennan struggled for precision.  “No.  But I’m happy I stayed.”


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”You don’t. Are you happy, Tempe?”

Thinking of another pair of brown eyes, considering what she’d gained and lost, Brennan struggled for precision. “No. But I’m happy I stayed.”

So much asked and so much answered in those few words.

Thank you for this. With the day/week/month/year that I'm having...

(Deleted comment)

Your icon is highly amusing. *g*

With the day/week/month/year that I'm having...

Oh, honey. :( *hugs you*

Thank you, btw.

Thank you for the hugs. Hugs you back.

Oh my god, Sully coming back after Pain in the Heart is a brilliant idea for a fic. I almost want to expand on it myself!

Very well done :)

The last two paragraphs are absolutely perfect, and that's about all I can say.

Also, I love the phrase 'honoring their history' - it says so much. They have a past together, and it meant something to her, but he is neither her present nor her future. And so she turns her head. Beautiful.

Thank you, honey.

They have a past together, and it meant something to her, but he is neither her present nor her future. And so she turns her head.

Yes. That's precisely what I thought. They shared some good times, and they ended on good terms. She went to see him off, after all. Though she was sad to see him go, I don't think she's been pining for him all this time. *g*

Lovely, I just want to cry for Brennan!

Brennan struggled for precision

Oh that is perfectly observed Brennan.

Fab :)

(PS. Drabbling is HARD! So appreciating how amazingly good yours are now I'm trying to write some of my own!)

nice work :)
Is it too mean to say I want Booth to kick his butt? ROFL

greyskygirl expressed my thoughts perfectly.

Oh...and, brava!!

Brennan and Sully sparkled in my TV. He shouldn't have left so soon, I mean, she and Booth are meant for each other, but I loved that Brennan.

::has dirty thoughts about the beggining of 'The bodies in the book'::

“No. But I’m happy I stayed.” --> She could never lie to him. Perfect.

I've been thinking about the possibility of this moment for a while and I love the words you found for it. From my perspective, it also shows, without Brennan fully aware of it herself, how much she's grown (gained) in the mean time, that she can quickly and almost effortlessly decide how she feels about him now and what she wants or doesn´t want from him. She´s not so conflicted anymore.
And uhm...yeah...what the others already said about Brennan striving for precision (scientist all the way) when she chooses her words and sees no other possibility than honesty; both because that's who she is and because she feels she owes him that much, I would think.
Thank you for yet another cut-to-perfection little diamond!

You're absolutely right: Brennan has grown and changed since Sully left.

Thank you for yet another cut-to-perfection little diamond!

Such lovely praise; thank you SO much. *smiles*

OMG! Thank you! 2

I LOVE the last six words. They take in everything that's happened in the last year in her life.

And of course, Brennan does her best to make sure that her words are precise....

No. But I’m happy I stayed.

I'm ususally not a big fan of the Sully makes a return guest appearance genre, but this is wonderful. It's completely what I'd imagine it would actually be like, actually. And you managed to capture that in so few words.

This was a pleasure to read!!

Damn, you are good girl! I always have liked Sully, and had Brennan not had Booth standing in the background, Sully would have been a good partner. I would have happily sailed away with him, altho even in fantasy world, who could really "follow" Brennan? This, however, was perfect.


“But I’m happy I stayed.”

I want her to say this on the show when asked by Booth.

Are you happy, Tempe?

No. But I'm happy I stayed.

Is it wrong that I want Sully coming back so we can have a scene like that?

This fic was perfection.

Beautiful! Sully's return after "A Pain in the Heart" is really a good idea for a fic. :)

Hello, beautiful. I'm back in town and catching up on everyone's fic. This was lovely, as is everything you do. I won't spam up your inbox with brief little comments as I go through my catch-up, but I'm still here...reading away eagerly.

Now that I'm trying to write my own drabbles...

How do you do it? Come up with such perfection, every time? How? *end grovel*

Love it. :o)

Thank you!

*grins* Drabbles are harder than they look, aren't they?

Love her reply. Honest and telling.

There's really nothing I can add to the conversation about how AWESOME the last two lines are, but I love the title too - with such a short piece, it adds so much meaning and can be interpreted so many ways...

Thanks for sharing :D

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