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Bones Drabble: Debits and Credits

Written for makd for this drabble meme.  Click the link if you'd like to leave a prompt.

Title:   Debits and Credits
Fandom:  Bones
Characters:  Brennan, Sully
Rating:  PG or K
Word Count:  100
Spoilers:  Really vague references to The Boneless Bride in the River and The Pain in the Heart.
Timeline:  Set shortly after 3x15: The Pain in the Heart
Feedback is treasured. Thank you.
Prompt:  Brennan and Sully re-meet shortly after The Pain in the Heart.

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Brennan sipped her coffee, eyes closed as she savored the fragrant brew.


Her eyes snapped open.  “Sully.”  She looked up to see his familiar smile.  “When did you get back?”


Honoring their history, she slid from the booth.  They hugged; when his head tilted, she turned so his lips found her cheek. 

Sully pulled back, brown eyes edged with disappointment.  

“You look well,” she said, observing his bronzed skin. 

”You don’t.  Are you happy, Tempe?”

Thinking of another pair of brown eyes, considering what she’d gained and lost, Brennan struggled for precision.  “No.  But I’m happy I stayed.”


Tags: all that lies between us, bones, bones: fic, drabble meme

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