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R.I.P., Tim Russert

He will be missed.  Sunday mornings won't be the same without him.  :( 

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Yes, he will be missed.

RIP, indeed. I was never a regular viewer of Meet the Press, but as an ex-journalist and occasional political junkie, he was one of the modern giants of the business, in every sense of the word. Election season won't be the same without him.

That is really suprising. I will miss his presence even though he wasn't hard enough on the republicans for my taste.

i cried.

we'll miss you, tim.

Me, too. It is, as a friend of mine put it, the end of an era.

I'm actually really, really upset about this and I feel silly because I didn't know the man, he wasn't connected to me in any way, he was a stranger...

I feel so sad.

I saw him do the debate between Obama and Clinton I think. He was an amazing journalist.

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