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Prismatic (Batch #8)

Title:  Prismatic
Summary:  Fifty sentences about Booth and Brennan--together and as individuals.
Spoilers: For The Wannabe in the Weeds
Rating:   PG or K
Disclaimer: Bones and its characters belong to FOX, not me. This piece of writing is purely mean to entertain. No copyright infringement is intended.
Acknowledgments: Many thanks to the lovely folks who've been commenting on these. :)

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41. Share

Booth’s mouth twitches in a smile as Brennan sighs and drags her spoon through her sludgy oatmeal before eyeing his chocolate chip pancakes; he slides his plate in her direction: “You want a bite?” he asks, and she scowls and picks up her fork.

42. Jealousy

Though Brennan has never minded dining out alone, the moment she steps into Café Reynard and sees Booth laughing with an attractive blonde wearing a miniscule black dress, she turns and marches right back out again, her mouth filled with something dark and bitter.

43. Melody

As Booth folds his laundry one Sunday morning, he hums an 80s song; when he realizes it’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, not even the memory of how that night ended can dim the smile that curves his mouth at the remembered image of his partner bouncing and singing on-stage.

44. Clouds

Time has taught Brennan to read Booth nearly as well as he reads her, so in moments when he is uncharacteristically quiet and a certain blank distance clouds his gaze, she sits patiently beside him and trusts that one day he’ll tell her what’s troubling him.

45. Fear

Booth snaps his phone shut and wrenches the steering wheel to the left, pulling the SUV into a sharp U-turn; “What is it?” Brennan asks, staring at his bloodless profile and flinching when he answers, “Parker’s been in an accident.”

A/N:  Only five more of these to go.

So for anyone who's reading these, I have a question: if it were up to you, which, if any of these 45 sentences, would you be interested in seeing expanded? (Feel free to mention more than one.) I can't promise anything, but I'm curious to hear what you think. Thanks.

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